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Yoyoyo Sanshi here again :-)

Who doesn't love shiny new things?????

This month we've had some awesome shiny new things arriving in the store with some awesome new instruments, more didge shipments, some awesome beatboxing resources AND we've just kicked off our new competition where you can WIN A $1500 STIX DIDGERIDOO!!!!!!

Our new Competition - How would you like a $1500 Didge?

Sanshi explains our latest Didgeridoo Competition

Above: Watch this video where I announce our new Didgeridoo Competition - click here or the image above to watch the video on Youtube or alternatively read the full competition announcement on our blog.

We are jumping out of our skins in excitement!!!

It’s that time of year again to take part in our annual T-shirt Photo Competition and this year is super special, as you could WIN A $1500 STIX DIDGERIDOO!!!!

Its super simple to enter, here's what you need to do:
  1. If you haven't got one yet, click here to grab yourself a Didgeridoo Breath T-shirt
  2. Take a photo of yourself or of a friend wearing a Didge Breath Tshirt - the more awesome your photo the better!
  3. Send us your entry - email it to (or just reply to this email with it)
  4. We'll upload your entry to the Didge Breath Facebook Page
  5. The photo that gets the most Facebook "likes" by the 14th September 2012 wins!

Watch out! - Beatboxing it up with Nathan Kaye on Didgeridoo Dojo

Nathan Kaye - guest presenter at Didgeridoo Dojo

Above: Nathan gives a quick run down of what he'll be teaching in the Dojo, click here or the image above to watch the full video.

Uh oh...I have some competition now. We had Nathan Kaye drop by the shop last week and we broke out the camera and filmed some new Didgeridoo Dojo lessons! Nathan is one awesome dude and a very big character.

The beatboxing lessons will be available in about 2 weeks time. If you have a Didgeridoo Dojo subscription you'll get instant access to the lessons, we'll also be providing the lessons as a separate standalone package too for those who just want to learn beatboxing on the didge! Sweet!

Now a few things for you:
  • until the 4th of August we're offering $15 off our yearly Dojo subscriptions if you want to jump in, sign up and get access to the new beatboxing lessons.
    The lessons are about 2 weeks from going live so if you take advantage of this offer you'll have to hang out for a week or two. We'll announce the standalone beatbox lesson access when the lessons are good to go.

    To take advantage of this offer use the coupon code "nathanrules" on the Didgeridoo Dojo checkout - we're only offering 20 discount vouchers so be quick. Click here to take advantage of this discount right now.
  • even if you're not interested in didge beatboxing you gotta check out Nathan's blooper reel...hilarious - click here to watch it or the image below!
  • Nathan has some awesome stuff on his website including some free MP3 downloads - click here to visit
  • while you're at it, check out Nathan's albums in iTunes - either click here to open Nathan's albums in iTunes or search "Nathan Kaye" in iTunes and check it out!

Nathan Kaye Bloopers


New instruments to rock out your playing

New percussion range

Check out these wicked toys - we have some new percussion instruments and harmonicas in stock!

Awesome way to mix up your playing - visit the Percussion Page or Harmonicas Page and check them out. We'll have some videos and sound samples up in the next couple of weeks too.


Other things going on at the shop this month you might be interested in:

Woah, that was a long email, I need a rest now! 
Let me know if you have any questions about the new competition, just hit reply on this email. Also make sure you like our Facebook page so you can see the competition entries.

Domo arigato!

On behalf of the Didgeridoo Breath team


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