End of the Week Savings!

Hey there!  It's Friday and I want to share some great savings as you head into the weekend.  First are new pritnable coupons from Coupons.com, CommonKindness, Kellogg's, Publix Pet coupons & lots more!  Also check out the long list of Kroger eCoupons below!

I also want to give you a heads up on two new Publix flyers to look for while you're in store this weekend.  The first is a Back to School flyer that expires 8/23 and a Health and Beauty flyer that expires 8/16. Both have a mix of store and manufacturer coupons.  Enjoy!

Have a great weekend, ya'll!


Today's New Coupons

New from Coupons.com

.50/1 All You magazine (only at Walmart) printable
$1/2 Campbell's Slow Cooker sauces printable
.50/1 Diamond Crystal sea salt printable, (zip 33033)
$1 off Dove Women's premium deodorant, excl trial size printable
$1 off Greased Lightning household cleaner printable
.75/1 HTH Super Select shock treatment bag, 1 lb printable
$3 off HTH Ultra 3 chlorinating tablets, 3.5 lb printable
.40/1 Irish Spring body wash, excl trial size printable
$1 off Johnsonville chicken sausage printable, (zip 06607)
.40/1 Softsoap body wash, excl trial size printable
$1.50 off Triple Cream product printable

New from CommonKindness.com
$1.50 off
Barbara's Shredded Oats cereal printable
$1 off Boulder Canyon Rice & Bean chips printable
.50/1 Food for Life product printable
$1 off Kiss My Face sun care printable

New from Kellogg’s
Kellogg's All-Bran, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes or Raisin Bran cereal printable
$1/3 Kellogg's Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Honey Smacks, Frosted Flakes, Krave, Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites cereals printable
.50/1 Kellogg's Cinnamon Jacks cereal, 10.7 oz printable
.50/1 Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal, 9.8 oz+ printable
.50/1 Kellogg's Froot Loops Treasures cereal, 10.5 oz printable
$1/2 Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal, 14 oz+ printable
$1/2 Kellogg's Krave cereals, 11 oz+ printable
.50/1 Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty toaster pastries, 6 ct.+ printable
$1/2 Kellogg's Raisin Bran cereals, 13.7 oz+ printable
$1/2 Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal, 11 oz+ printable
.50/1 Kellogg's Special K Nourish hot cereal, 2 ct. printable
.50/1 Kellogg's Special K Red Berries cereal, 11.2 oz+ printable
$1 off Kellogg's To Go Breakfast shakes, 4 ct.+ printable

New Publix Pet Coupons
(all Publix store coupons, all exp 8/28)
9Lives cat food, 4pk. 5.5 oz printable
$1 off American Classic large squirrel dog toy printable
$2 off Canine Carry Out dog snacks beef flavor, 50 oz pouch printable
$1 off Fresh Step or Scoop Away cat litter, 20-34 lb printable
$2 off Gravy Train dog food, 16 lb bag printable
$1 off Hartz dog shampoo, 15-18 oz printable
$1 off Multipet large flee dog toy printable
$1 off Pedigree food for dogs or puppies, 3.5 lb bag printable
B2G1 Pedigree dog food or puppy Complete Nutrition, 13.2 oz can printable
$1 off Wahl shampoo for dogs or four-in-one shampoo and conditioner printable

More Printables!
Aunt Millie's flavored buns printable
.35/1 Aunt Millie's football buns printable
$2.50/10 Campbell's condensed soup, 10.5-11.5 oz can (Publix coupon) printable
$1 off Cooked Perfect Bites printable
.55/1 Crunch Pak apple slices, 14 oz bag (Publix coupon) printable
$1 off Elmer's washable school glue sticks gel & disappearing purple, 6 pk. pkg (Publix coupon) printable
.75/1 GoGo Squeez product (Facebook) printable
$1.10 off Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider k-cup packs, 12 ct. printable
$2/2 Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider k-cup packs, 12 ct. printable
$1 off Huggies baby wipes, 45 ct.+ (CVS coupon) printable
$1.50 off Icee Zero 24 serving water enhancer (Facebook) printable
$1/2 Kraft American singles, yellow, white or sharp cheddar, 12 oz (Publix coupon) printable
$1/2 Kraft Polly-O string mozzarella cheese or twists mozzarella & cheddar, 9-12 oz (Publix coupon) printable
$1/2 Libby's fruit item included canned fruit (not tropical), 24 oz bottles printable
$5 off Mail in Rebate wyb The Natural Dentist mouth rinse, 16.9 oz by 8/31 printable
B3G1 Ore-Ida Easy Fries or Tator Tot, 24.25-4.75 oz (Publix coupon) printable
$1 off OrganicGirl Five Happiness tasty salad printable
$1/5 Shamrock On-the-Go milks, 12 oz printable

Kroger eCoupons
$4 off
Advil 160-200 ct. eCoupon
$5/2 Alcon OTC products, includes Systane Ultra, Zaditor, Opti-Free, or Clear Care eCoupon
$3 off Align product, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off Almond Breeze iced coffee eCoupon
$2 off Always Infinity pad, Radiant pad, or Always Radiant pantiliner, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Always pad or feminine cleansinf product, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Always pantiliner, 30 ct.+, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Aussie product, excl trial size eCoupon
$1/2 Baker's bar eCoupon
$1 off Ball Park flame grilled patties eCoupon
$1/2 Barilla Plus pasta eCoupon
.75/1 Bear Naked morning power pack eCoupon
$1/8 Beech-Nut Goya baby food jars eCoupon
$1 off Beech-Nut Goya corn cereal, 8 oz eCoupon
.75/2 Betty Crocker ready to spread frosting, supreme brownie mix, dessert bar mix, supermoist cake mix, or cookie mix, 17.5 oz+ eCoupon
.50/2 Betty Crocker boxed potatoes, excl. buds or pouches eCoupon
$1/4 Betty Crocker Hamburger, Tuna, or Chicken Helper skillet dishes eCoupon
$1.50 off Biotrue multi-purpose solution, 10 oz+ eCoupon
.50/1 Bisquick Original or Heart Smart baking mix, 20 oz+ or Shake 'n Pour pancake mix, 10.6 oz eCoupon
.50/1 Bolthouse Farms beverages, 32 oz eCoupon
.55/1 Brawny paper towels, 6 rolls+ eCoupon
$1 off Campbell's V8 100% vegetable juice or V8 V-Fusion drinks, 46 oz+ eCoupon
.50/1 Cascade ActionPacs, excl trial size eCoupon
$2 off Cheer products, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off CoverGirl Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Crest toothpaste, 4 oz or liquid gel, excl. Crest cavity, baking soda, or tarter control toothpaste eCoupon
$1.50 off Crest rinse, 458 mL +, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Dawn Hand Renewal, Power Clean, Bleach Alternative or Oxi dish soap, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off Disney vitamins eCoupon
$1 off Emerald Breakfast on the Go! eCoupon
$1 off Energizer Advanced or Energizer Ultimate eCoupon
$1 off Farm Rich snack, 18 oz+ eCoupon
$1 off Febreze Air Effects, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off Febreze refresher, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off Febreze car vent clip, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off Febreze Set or Stick & Refresh, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off Febreze candle, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Fiber One protein chewy bars eCoupon
$1 off Filippo Berio olive oil eCoupon
B1G1 Finish Monodose Autodish cleaner, 25 ct.+ eCoupon
$2 off Finish Monodose Autodish cleaner, 20 ct.+, excludes Quantum, 10 ct. eCoupon
.50/1 Frigo Chese Heads string cheese, 6 ct.+ eCoupon
.50/1 Gain detergent, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Gain fabric enhancer, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, or treatment, excl trial size eCoupon
$1/2 General Mills Frosted, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, Fruity, Chocolate, Yogurt Burst, Cinnamon Burst, or Dulce de Leche Cheerios cereal eCoupon
.75/1 General Mills Golden Grahams cereal eCoupon
.50/1 General Mills Cocoa Puffs cereal eCoupon
.50/1 Georgia-Pacific copy & printer paper eCoupon
.50/1 Gillette body wash or antiperspirant/deodorant eCoupon
$1 off Gillette Mach3 razor, excl trial size eCoupon
$2 off Gillette Fusion shave prep, excl. trial size eCoupon
$1 off Glad food protection product eCoupon
.50/1 Green Giant veggie snack chips, 5 oz+ eCoupon
.50/1 Hansens soda, 6-8 pk. eCoupon
$1 off Hawaiian Punch drinks, 6 pk. or Aloha Morning, 1 gallon eCoupon
$1.50 off Herbal Essence products, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Huggies wipes tub, 40-72 ct. eCoupon
$1 off Iams So Good! dry dog food or Iams cat food eCoupon
.50/1 Ivory or Safeguard personal cleaning items, excl trial size and Ivory One bar eCoupon
.55/1 Joy Cone ice cream cones eCoupon
.70/1 Keebler Town House pita crackers, 9.5 oz eCoupon
$1/3 Kellogg's Krave, Raisin Bran, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Frosted Mini-Wheats, or Crunchy Nut cereals eCoupon
$2/2 Kotex U products, excl. liners 14-22 ct. eCoupon
$2/2 Kotex Natural Balance products, excl. 14-22 ct. eCoupon
$2 off L'Oreal Advanced haircare treatment eCoupon
$1 off L'Oreal Root Rescue hair color item eCoupon
$2 off L'Oreal Feria hair color eCoupon
"$2 off Lamisil AT cream, 12g eCoupon
" .75/3 Larabar, Uber, Alt, Jocalat bars eCoupon
$1 off Marvel Sundown Kids Vitamins eCoupon
.50/1 Mountain High yoghurt, 32 oz eCoupon
.50/1 Mr. Clean liquid, spray, or eraser, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off Nature Made products, 90 ct. or less eCoupon
$2 off Nature's Bounty vitamins eCoupon
$5 off Nicorette Lozenge 72 ct. +, NicoDerm CQ 14 ct. +, or Nicorette gum 100 ct.+ eCoupon
$1 off Olay body wash, bar soap, or in-shower body lotion, excl Simply Olay and trial sizes eCoupon
$1 off Olay facial moisturizer or facial cleanser, excl. Olay ProX, Regenerist, Total Effects, Age Defying, and trial sizes eCoupon
$2 off Olay Total Effects or Olay Age Defying facial moisturizer or facial cleanser, excl. trial sizes eCoupon
$3 off Olay ProX or Regenerist facial moisturizer, excl trial size eCoupon
.60/3 Old El Paso products, excl. refrigerated, frozen, or soups eCoupon
$1/2 Old Spice products, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Oral-B Pulsar, 3D White, Complete, Pro-Health toothbrushes, Pro Health Stages, or Crest kids manual or power toothbrushes, excl trial size eCoupon
$3 off Oral-B adult battery toothbrush or 3D White action rechargeable toothbrush, excl trial size eCoupon
$3 off Oral-B replacement brush head, 2-3 ct., excl trial size eCoupon
$4 off Osteo Bi-Flex vitamins eCoupon
$1.50 off Pampers Swaddlers or Swaddlers Sensitive diapers, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/1 Pepto Bismol product, excl trial size eCoupon
.50/2 Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls, excl. twin pack eCoupon
.40/2 Pillsbury sweet rolls or Grands! sweet roll eCoupon
.50/2 Pillsbury toaster strudel, toaster scrambles, or pancakes eCoupon
$1/2 Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough eCoupon
$1.50 off Renu fresh multi-purpose solution, 12 oz + eCoupon
$1 off Seattle Best Coffee, 12 oz+ eCoupon
$2 off Secret Clinical antiperspirant, excl .5 oz trial size eCoupon
$1 off Sparkle paper towels, 6 big roll+ eCoupon
.50/1 St. Ives product, excl trial size eCoupon
$1 off Starbucks Refreshers beverages, 12 oz eCoupon
$1 off Sundown Natural vitamins eCoupon
$1 off Swiffer refill, excl trial size eCoupon
$2 off Swiffer Bissell Steamboost refill eCoupon
$1 off Swiffer sweeper starter kit or Duster Extender starter kit, excl trial size eCoupon
$3 off Swiffer sweeper XL starter kit, excl trial size eCoupon
$5 off Swiffer WetJet starter kit, excl trial size eCoupon
.55/1 Tabasco pepper sauce eCoupon
.50/1 Tampax products, 16 ct.+, excl trial size eCoupon
$1/4 Totino's crisp crust party pizza products, excl. party pizza pack and big party pizza eCoupon
$1.25 off Tums 50 ct.+ eCoupon
$1.50 off Veet item eCoupon
$1 off Vicks ZzzQuil products, excl trial size eCoupon
$3 off Vidal Sassoon hair color, excl. trial size eCoupon
$2 off Voots veggie-fruit tarts eCoupon
$1 off Yasso yogurt bar, 4 pk. eCoupon
.40/6 Yoplait yogurt cups eCoupon
$1/5 Yoplait greek yogurt eCoupon
.75/2 Yoplait Go-Gurt, Kids Cup, Trix, Pro-Force, or Yoplait Baby yogurt multipacks eCoupon
$1/4 Yoplait yogurt multipacks eCoupon

Publix Back to School flyer
(all exp 8/23, pick up in-store)
(Publix coupons)
Aquafina 24 pk. 16.9 oz
$2 off Capri Sun 10 pk. wyb Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner, 4 pk.
$2 off Cheez-It family size, 19-21 oz
B3G1 Dr. Pepper, Crush or Schweppes Ginger Ale, 12 pk.
$1 off Healthy Choice frozen novelty, 6 pk. or Greek yogurt, 3 pk.
.55/1 Hidden Valley pasta salad, 6.9-7.9 oz
.55/1 Horizon Organic milk, half gal
$1/10 Horizon Organic shelf stable milk, 8 oz
$1/3 Hormel Rev Wraps, 3 oz
B2G1 Hunt's snack pack family pk.
$2 off Kashi Steam Meals for Two, 17-21 oz
$2/2 Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies, wafers, sticks, fudge stripes, E.L. fudge or creme, 6.6-15 oz
Free Kellogg's fruit snacks, 10 ct. wyb Kellogg's Pop Tarts, 6-8 ct.
$2/2 Kellogg's value pk. Nutri-Grain barss or Rice Krispies treat, 16 ct., FiberPlus bars, 10 ct. or Special K bars, 12 ct.
Free Kellogg's Special K Nourish oatmeal, 2 pk. wyb (2) Kellogg's Breakfast to Go shakes, 4 pk.
Free Kettle potato chips, 8-8.5 oz wyb Coca Cola, 20 pk.
$1/2 Marie Callender's single serve dessert pies, 6-9.5 oz
$1/2 Minute Maid 100% juice, 10 pk.
.75/1 Morton kosher salt, 3 lb
Free Muller Greek Corner yogurt, 5.3 oz wyb (2) Tropicana Pure Premium juices, 59 oz
$2/2 Nature Valley granola or chewy bars
$1 off Nature's Own specialty bread, 24 oz
Free Nestle CoffeeMate liquid coffee creamer, 16 oz refrigerated wyb Nescafe Memento or instant coffee, 7 oz+
Free Nestle Pure Life Splash water, 6 pk. .5 L wyb (3) Pure Life water, 24 pk. 8 oz
Free Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Puffs, 7 oz wyb Goldfish, 30 oz
$1/2 Pepsi 8 pk. 7.5 oz mini cans
$2 off Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar or Smart Puffs, 6 pk.
$3/2 Post Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted or Almond or Fruity Pebbles, 15-18 oz
$1 off Sabra Spongebob hummus snack pk., 4 ct. wyb Stacy's pita chips, 6 pk.
.75/1 Silk soymilk or Pure Almond, half gal
B10G2 SoBe Lifewater, 20 oz, 100% Natural Lipton iced tea, 20 oz or Lipton Pure Leaf iced tea, 16.5 oz
B4G2 Sweet Leaf tea, 16 oz
Free Trident Layers, 14 ct. wyb (2) Nabisco Snack-Saks, 8 oz
$1 off Tyson grilled & ready refrigerated item, 8 oz
$5/5 Velveeta Cheesy Skillets singles, 9 oz, Cheesy Skillets dinner kit, 11.6-15.6 oz, Shells & Cheese cups, 4 pk., slices, 12 or 16 oz, shreds, 8 oz, cheese, 16 or 32 oz, Topper cheese sauce, 12 oz or cheesy casseroles, 8.9-11.1 oz
$2/10 Vitaminwater or Vitaminwater Zero, 20 oz, Smartwater, 700 mL or Fruitwater, 16.9 oz
(Manufacturer Coupon)
Free Ice Breakers ice cubes gum bottle wyb (2) Dasani or Coca Cola, 20 oz

Publix Health & Beauty flyer
(all exp 8/16, pick up in-store)
(Publix coupons)
$1 off
Bic stylus pen, automatic pencil, or Bic For Her pen, 2 pk.
Free Brita Bottle To Go wyb Brita pitcher
$1 off Caress body wash, 18 oz
$1 off Clear scalp and hair therapy, 12.7-12.9 oz,
$1 off Clorox GreenWorks items, 22-32 oz or 30 ct.,
$1 off Covergirl or Queen Color Collection cosmetics item
$5/$15 Dial body wash 16 oz, Right Guard Total Defense 5 or Xtreme deodorant 2-4 oz, or Purex 2X laundry detergent 128-150 oz
$3/$10 Dove personal care items
.75/1 Glad ClingWrap, 100-200 sq. ft. or Glad Press 'n Seal, 70-140 sq. ft.,
.75/1 GladWare container, 3-8 ct.
$3 off John Frieda Precision Foam hair color
$2 off L'Oreal hair color
$4/2 Motrin 100 ct., Motrin PM 20 ct., Benadryl Ultratabs 24-48 ct., or Children's Benadryl 4-8 oz
$6/2 Nature Made vitamin or supplement
$6/2 Nature's Bounty vitamins or supplements
$1 off Neutrogena products, .5-12 oz or 1-60 ct.
$2/2 Scrubbing Bubbles products
.50/1 Shout product
.75/1 Simple facial item, .5-6.7 oz or 25 ct.
$1/2 Suave products
$5/2 Sundown vitamins or supplements
Free Windex electronics product wyb (2) Windex products
(Manufacturer Coupons)
$1.50/2 Neosporin, Neosporin Eczema Essentials, Neosporin Lip Therapy, Benadryl topical anit-itch, Johnson & Johnson Red Cross gauzes, covers, wraps, or tapes, Coach Sports care item, or Band-Aid Brand adhesive bandages, excl. 8 ct. trial size Band-Aids
$1 off Stayfree maxi pad, Carefree 18-42 ct., or O.B. tampons

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