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  CERES Harvest Festival 


I was having a look through this year's CERES Harvest Festival program and it's getting really big. CERES' most joyous day has become almost country fair-like and as always it's grounded with an undercurrent of thanksgiving for the food we harvest, cook and eat week in and week out.

The first thing I always do at Harvest Festival is head straight to the baking competiton marquee. The spread is a total highlight and the decorations have to be seen to be believed (that's one of last year's cakes pictured above)This year the harvest themed cake competition (judged by Betty Burgess from the Country Women's Association) includes home produce and preserves.  And despite CERES' reputation as a centre of community harmony and co-operation this is as hotly contested an event as you'll see in any of this great city's sporting stadia this season.  

Also this year the community feast is back; cooked lovingly by members of the CERES Tamil Community Cooking Team, the feast for 200 people (with options for vegetarians, vegans and those who prefer no gluten) will kick off around 1pm.  It's a ridiculously cheap $10 and the food is really, really good.  The Cooking Team regularly make lunches for the very lucky CERES staff during the week.

And there's more food, talks, music, stalls of all kinds and kids bush cubby building in the morning - where you can make a rustic lean-to to hang out in.  

So i
f you only go to CERES once this year, go once this Saturday, 21st March from 11am-3pm.  Entry $5 for adults, free for kids.  More info here.



The 2015 CERES Fair Food Survey 

Okay so four years ago when we started Fair Food we thought everyone wanted a mixed box of fruit and veg delivered to a neighbourhood Food Host once a week and that was enough - well I did anyway.  But when we starting asking what you actually wanted from Fair Food I suddenly realised how completely wrong I was about pretty much everything.

Over the years the things you've told us have completely changed Fair Food; we introduced lots more groceries, different types of set boxes, home delivery, changed the layout of the website, ran 
more specials and right now we're working on the software that lets you swap things out of your set boxes as well as next day delivery. The survey sets our agenda for the year ahead and tells us what we really should be working on.

Now these days everybody is always surveying this and asking you to tell them how you feel about that, so we thought we better sweeten the deal with some of Floyd from Cocoa Rhapsody's beautiful, very beautiful chocolate as a reward for making the effort,  At the end of the survey is a code to enter with your next order in which we'll pop in a medium sized bar of Floyd's best chocolate.

You'll find this year's
survey here. 

Alex discountinates prices on canned pulses and baked beans

So last week Alex, Fair Food's grocery buyer, revealed to the world her great deal on cans of whole tomatoes ($1.25 a can or a pack of 6 for $6.75).  This week the Discountinator (not sure if Alex'd be into this characterisation of her role)  continues to reduce the price of organic canned goods.

Absolute Organic

Lentils, Chick Peas & Baked Beans

$1.45 a 400g can 

Or get a pack of six for $7.95

And if coconut oil is your monosaturated fat of choice we still have 900g of Absolute Organics Coconut Oil for $14.95 (it used to be something like $20).

Want to go home from work feeling like you're part of something good?

Fair Food is looking for a part-time Customer Service/Admin Person. 

Everybody agrees at Fair Food that it's one of our hardest but most rewarding jobs.  If you think you're up for it applications close March 19th.

Read all about it at Ethical Jobs

Have a great week


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