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May 10-15, 2012

This morning just as the sun was breaking over the horizon near the CERES Fair Food Warehouse Massive in Northcote...

  ... a chirpy Kurt pedaled over to deliver our freshly baked Loafer breads on the "official" blue cargo bicycle. The whole exchange keeps food miles down and brings you the freshest organic breads, delivered just shy of your door.

These wonderous hand-shaped sourdough loaves are made with love, coming straight from the fiery recesses of the Loafer's onsite ovens.

Naturally leavened, the brown paper packages of mealy sustenance are all made with certified Demeter biodynamic flours & grains, and certified organic stoneground flours.

The term biodynamic derives from two Greek words "bios" meaning life, and "dynamis" - a force that stimulates change or progress within a system. The biodynamic agricultural method applies the principle of securing healthy soil and plants so that they can, in turn, produces nutritious, yummy food for animals and people to eat.

Loafer Bread Tip: If you don't finish it off all at once (unlikely!) and you want to keep it longer, make sure you chop it up before freezing it. It's so beautifully nutritious and dense you'll find it impossible to carve after the fact.

Just a tidbit about one of our valued growers or suppliers, straight from the press!

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— The Fair Food Team

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