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A Week of Fruit Thanksgiving

Halfway through last week on the Fair Food packing floor we finally gave up on apples for the season.  We had some of Don Edwards' lady williams which traditionally keep well late into the season but we were throwing every second apple into the juicing box -  they just weren't very good (btw - if you have had any apples that haven't been up to scratch lately please email us - we're always more than happy to give you a credit).  No apples meant all we had left were oranges, bananas and kiwi. I was panicking thinking, "what were we going to give people in their orders?"

But then it occurred to me that this is what seasonal eating is - seasons finish and there's a gap.  And it's these times that help us to appreciate the abundance of food we have most of the year.  And as I thought of various fasting and thanksgiving traditions that exist to help people through lean times I got a message that there'd be nectarines and peaches available this week and maybe even a few apricots and strawberries.  So maybe for the next few days before the stone fruit and strawberries arrive to our tables we can say our own small thanks to all the people who work in our incredible food chain, feeding us this wonderful variety of fruit we enjoy every week - except this one.  

Have a great week



Loquots revisited  - they're actually not too bad

Thanks to loquot lovers who have been emailing with stories of  their subtle delights.  Alex our drygoods buyer even bought in a bowl of her best fruit.  I have to say the flavour was really not bad at all.  Although I still don't know about those big pips. 
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