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Climate Changing Our Fair Food

I just got back from the National Day of Climate Action Rally.  It was spine tingling to watch 30,000 red, orange and yellow clad people stream into Treasury Gardens and call on each other and our government to reduce the carbon we are collectively putting into the atmosphere.

When I think of climate change I always think of it through a food lens.  Food production, transport, storage, packaging and disposal is responsible for around a third of our carbon pollution and is the biggest single contributor.  It's also one of the most vulnerable industries.

To grow food farmers need predictable seasons. For something as simple as the peaches, nectarines and apricots we're starting to enjoy this month, we need a certain number of cold days every winter to set fruit on the trees.  When the seasons become unpredictable and temperatures rise,  the orchard where stone-fruit grew for generations slowly becomes a paddock of unproductive trees.

Farmers by necessity are tough people and they can take a beating every now and again, but when changes in climate  mean a farmer no longer gets the breathing space to recover from the last flood, fire, hailstorm or drought....well they maybe tough but farmers aren't stupid. 

We've all seen the effects of a few organic farmers being knocked out of the supply chain by extreme weather - suddenly we have no asparagus or broccoli or even staples like onions for weeks.  The organic food chain is incredibly vulnerable and the organic food chain is a microcosm of the wider conventional food chain. 

When organic farmers leave the land we see our favourite produce disappear, prices skyrocket, imports rise and with them will go the very things that make them low carbon food producers - their proximity to markets and their low carbon farming practices.

Climate change is a slow process - it's the effect of billions of decisions we collectively make everyday.  As people from a wealthy country we make more of those decisions than anybody else and at a time when our leaders have decided not to lead  it's up to us to bring them along.  

Each week over 900 of us buy our food together through Fair Food.  We try to do it in the most sustainable way we can, but we are far from perfect.  We want to reduce the amount of carbon pollution we create delivering our food each week and we want your help to do it - when you see something we can do better let us know, if you know a better way, tell us.  Reducing climate change is something we can do together, something we need to do together.


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