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CERES: Playing the long game


So every year during a convenient-to-tax-time window CERES, our parent organisation, has its annual appeal.  This year the focus is on supporting CERES' environmental education programs; firstly 
because nobody is teaching this stuff on the scale that CERES does and secondly because the programs are really quite extraordinary.

Each year over 60,000 school students, like the cute bunch in the picture above, roll into CERES to get hands-on with soil and water, plants and creatures and day to day life of other peoples.  They come to find out first hand where our water, food and energy comes from, how indigenous people and cultures from around the world live with their environments, how they can live in harmony with the world around them. A further 800,000 students and their teachers participate in programs CERES teachers delivers in schools across Victoria. 

Thirty three years ago right in the middle of a major Australian city a 10 acre tip site was gradually transformed into a natural oasis.  The children and adults who come to CERES today find a living, working example of how a community took responsibility to turn the wasteland it helped create into a place to learn, grow and play.  The message that underpins CERES is embodied by the land it sits on; that the damage we do to our world can be fixed if we choose to.  
One day the kids who learn from CERES at the park and in their schools will run this country. CERES is playing a long game; changing the world by helping young minds understand that our needs and desires for food, shelter and energy are intimately connected with the fates of our creeks and rivers, our mini-beasts and tadpoles, our chickens and our kingfishers, our gardens and forests.  And it'll be the things they see, hear, smell, touch and taste from CERES that will help them work out how they choose to live on their planet.
Click here to donate online.  Donations are tax deductible and you'll receive a receipt for your donation by email instantly. 


The tyranny of herb bunches 

There are some things we blindly do year after year until one day somebody wakes up and asks "why?" And then, suddenly, the veil drops and everything changes forever.  Somebody asked, why full flush only toilets. Somebody asked, why is marriage just for straight couples? My four year asked, why do we even wear clothes at all?  And the same goes for the size of a bunch of herbs - after years of having bunches of parsley, coriander or basil go to waste in a glass on our respective kitchen benches people at Fair Food started asking, why are herb bunches the size they are?  Which prompted somebody to suggest -  couldn't we just make them smaller?  

The outcome of this light bulb moment has been the creation of the "half-bunch" of herbs.  A solution so ridiculously simple we've been kicking ourselves for not thinking of it years ago. So 
rest easy with us safe in the knowledge that unused wilted and slimy herbs will no longer be needlessly composted and that there is a solution for the person who needs a sprig or two of parsley for a pasta dish and some Saturday morning scrambled eggs.  You'll find half bunches of herbs in the webshop and also in some of our set boxes.  

On a related note we were so inspired by the half herb bunch breakthrough that we're also doing half bunches of celery and half green & red cabbages.

I'm so excited (and I just can't hide it!)


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