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The Beautiful World of Dan The Egg Man. 

This is a story about a man who throws in his corporate city job to follow his passion and become a farmer.  With the help of his giant white chicken protecting dogs he repairs the pastures, protects the bush and native animals and builds his free range chicken flock.  Dan begins selling his eggs, immediately people love them and the philosophy behind the farm.  Dan can’t keep up with the demand.  Surrounded by his stoic Maremma dogs, happy chickens, being visited by kangaroos, echidnas and wombats, Dan is living his dream, but still something’s missing .  Then one day a beautiful stranger arrives to help on the farm.  They share a passion for farming in harmony with the land.  While working together they fall in love, marry and have a family.  God there’s a book in this and a film. 

In 2010 Dan Green left his film production job in the city, bought a piece of land in the Strzelecki Ranges and started Dan’s Real Free Range Eggs.  Risa Hirato, , came to the farm from Japan.  She was on holiday in Australia getting to know the country as a Wwoofer, a type of volunteer farmer.  They liked what they saw in each other.  Somewhere in there Wwoofer and famer became partners.  Risa stayed and she and Dan were married in 2014. It’s inevitable really, if you call yourself the Egg Man sooner or later you’ll hatch your own brood.   A week after New Year’s Day Dan and Risa had a baby boy, Kaemon Hirato Green. 

And so Dan and Risa, now the Egg Family, want to share the love and celebrate Kaemon’s arrival by taking a dollar a dozen off all their eggs for the next two weeks.  You can find them here in the webstore. From everybody at Fair Food we’d like to wish Dan, Risa and young Kaemon congratulations and all our best.

What's In The Box is Back 

Sorry to keep everybody waiting. Our What’s in the Box page is finally working again.  If you’ve never checked it out it’s the place you can see what we’re putting in our set boxes this week.  Most of the time it all goes to plan  but sometimes animals, insects or disease get to crops first, storms interrupt harvesting, pickers don’t always turn up and transport breaks down.  When you farm so much can go wrong so when this happens we’ll substitute the missing item for something similar.
And in produce news…..

…. this week we’ll have tomatoes from Craig and Shelley Heppell who farm about an hour away in Cockatoo. These are real field tomatoes, they won’t be picture perfect like the ones we’re used to from the hothouse; they’ll have marks, be odd-shaped and might even have a bit of dirt on them  but for their lack of looks they’ll repay you with intense flavour.   There’s also watermelon, Daniel’s sprouts,  Menindee grapes from Peter and Eileen Kamavissis (soon to be replaced by their sultanas).  Our own CERES farmer Vince has a bumper crop of green cucumbers, for potato lovers Joe Sgro’s king edwards begin this week and if you’re feeling like a waldorf salad or a bloody mary Wayne from Peninsula Organics is sending us a bin of his celery.  

The Sunday order cutoff is extended until midday Monday, for the public holiday long weekend.
Have a great week


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