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Sweet Potato And Feta Tarts
Featured Recipe
Picnic with some of these beauties! Feta and eggs are a winning combination, but add whatever else you like. - tomatoes and oregano, or asparagus and buttery cooked leeks. Perfect spring picnic fare.
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Item 2
Since the 80’s the NZ government’s healthy eating subsidies has meant Kiwis lead the Western world (is that what we call it these days?) in banana consumption eating around 18kgs per year – about twice Australian levels.

Presently $3.95/kg
Sebago Potatoes
Item 3
Sebago does everything well; boils, bakes and fries. It’s sort of the Subaru Forester of potatoes only it mashes better and doesn’t have the CV joint issues.

Are $1.95/kg
Rainbow Chard
Item 3
With Victoria’s own Diggers Seeds rescuing rainbow chard from obscurity in the 1990’s it really has a legitimate claim to being our state vegetable….if there was one (now there's a cause).

Cheese - The better maker

Cheese makes everything better; I can’t think of anything or any occasion happy or sad where cheese doesn’t add value or even save the whole event or meal completely. I remember when there were just two types of cheese available; cheddar or that plastic orangey cheese that bubbled unnaturally and turned black when you grilled it. Now days you could do some kind of "eat a different cheese every day of the year" challenge and you’d struggle to get through them all. I have a cheese trend prediction for 2016 - the return of fondues featuring fermented veg and obscure cuts of raw grass fed meat. Yes you heard it here first.

Asparagus Rhyme Challenge

You came through with asparagus rhymes like I knew you would. A big thanks to all 20 entrants and after careful deliberation one winner and a one runner up hot on their tail (mild language warning for anyone easily offended). Congratulations to Laura Carroll and Dorian Jones for consistently rhyming the un-rhymable in this entertaining epic. A special mention to our runner up Avinash - who made us laugh and may have a hip-hop career ahead of him, we decided to throw you a bunch for your great effort!

Doing Justice to Asparagus
By Laura Carroll and Dorian Jones

A judge, dressed in trousers most gauzy and diaphanous
(His court saw his varicose veins and it made them quite cantankerous)
Said:  "I refuse to hear any more from these learned antagonists
Until I'm beaten (till I'm sore) on the bottom with asparagus."

Sighed the prosecuting counsel "My lord you do embarrass us!"
The accused whined sadly  "it's a case for Dirty Harry, cuz."
The poor long suffering clerk clutched his forehead in despair, because
The only vegies of domination he had ordered for chambers that morning were, unfortunately, brassicas.

Two rebellious jurors, their names were Lee "Scratch" Perry & Gus,
Fled the court and hopped onto a passing Narrow Arrow Bus.
Said Lee, "I know that skipping out could be seen as pusillanimous
but man those voodoo trousers put me off my morning carrot juice."

Moral: When miscarriages of justice shine like aurora borealis
You may be certain that the root cause is Asparagus officinalis.

Editor's Note: You have 7kgs of asparagus coming out to you next week!

By Avinash (age 9)

I could not understand what all the fuss
Was about asparagus
From where comes this special genus?
Surely not from earth, perhaps Venus?
It transforms the wee from my penis
But still, I was non-pluss(ed)
Its bendy but not dextrous
A shade of green not lustrous
It has a certain lofty leanness
So I guess there are many strange and wonderful features 
Of our friend asparagus.

Organic Dairy Farmers Parmesan
Organic Dairy Farmers
Parmesan 150g

One of the highest protein cheeses and so hard sometimes it’s impossible to tell the cheese apart from the rind. To be safe I eat both, though it occurs to me as I chew it might be a good material to make sandals.

From $7.55 to $6.95
Meredith Goat Cheese Plain Or Ash
Meredith Goat Cheese
Plain or Ash 150g

Not long ago if you dropped your cheese in some ashes you’d throw it out, not these days, now we want our cheese ashy and raw and if it’s mouldy and smelly then all the better.
From $7.95 to $7.45
Organic Greek Feta
Absolute Organic
Greek Feta 150g

In Greece they put it in cheese pie, in Turkey they spread it on crispy rolls with butter & jam, in Denmark they eat it on rye with pickled herring and at the Fair Food warehouse we eat in on toast with banana & miso paste – okay only I do that.
From $6.20 to $5.95
Whats Cooking
Item 1

Make use of a big bunch of spinach this week to feed the hordes. If you have rainbow chard or kale or any other greens don’t feel locked into an exclusive spinach relationship they’ll be just as good.

Mini Asparagus And Leek Quiches
Item 2

These mini asparagus and leek quiches are little cheesy seasonal delights perfect for lunch boxes, afternoon teas, picnics, kid’s parties, office birthdays and barbecues with friends’ you’ve just met.

Spiced Pumpkin Bread
Item 3

Spiced pumpkin bread can be made into a loaf for slicing or portion-sized muffins. Great warmed with a good smear of goat's cheese or berry jam or just butter or avocado (maybe not, could be good though).

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