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Making Kimchi and Sauerkraut
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Fermenting cabbage and other veggies in their own brine is no new idea, lets just say that. But it's a very simple, delicious and healthful process of preserving the harvest, and an easy introduction to the world of fermentation that will possibly have you completely hooked. The internet and cookbooks abound with information and recipes at the moment, including lots from Monique on our Krautsourcing page, but here is a basic rundown to help get the lacto-fermented bubbles going.

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Green Cabbage
Item 1
Get your hands on a whole green cabbage freshly plucked from the rain drenched fields and soon with just a small sprinkle of salt, a dash of caraway and a good massage it could be feeding your internal flora like the dream brassica machine it is. Also wonderful roasted to perfection!

$4.25 was $4.95

Item 2
Was there ever a more approachable, sweet and accommodating vegetable. I love the way a carrot can go from first baby food to soup to salad to roast veg to cake to kimchi in about as quick as you could say You Can Pickle That.

1kg $4.95 was $5.95
500g $2.95 was $3.50

Item 3
Fred Astaire was taken to a whole new universe when he danced with Ginger Rogers. Don't let life go by without the joy and toe tapping celebration of a warming ginger life, it's far too short and much more fun when your dancing all over the furniture.

200g $2.95 was $3.70
100g now $1.65

Organic Plain Yoghurt Schulz
Organic plain yogurt Schulz 1kg
Tub-set in one of the few on-farm dairy factories in Australia – with milk going pretty much straight from cow to vat to yoghurt pot the same day. The Schulz’s are third generation biodynamic dairy farmers on one of Australia’s oldest certified properties.
Down from $7.95 to $7.45
Loafer Bread
Loafer Bread
Sourdough is an age old art form, and I reckon the Loafer bakers might be at the point in the honing of their fermented bakery craft where ears may soon be chopped off or extensive water lily ponds installed in their tiny shopfront.
Down from $6.95 to $6.45 except Spelt down from $7.50 to $6.95
Primasoy Organic Tempeh
Primasoy organic tempeh range
Indonesia's edible culture of choice, and a very worthy addition to your midweek Gado Gado. Made in the traditional style and in small batches, here in Melbourne.
Plain down from $5.20 to $4.95, and flavoured down from $6.40 to $5.95
What do dried fruits say about you

Much has been written about the benefits of probiotics on the human microbiome - but there’s always been one nagging question – does the good bacteria in yoghurt, kefir, kimchi, kombucha and sauerkraut, survive the hostile world of our digestive systems to make it to the probiotic promised land of our lower intestines? For this is beneficial bacteria’s greatest survival challenge - the terrain between our mouths and our colons is an unrelenting and torturous obstacle course – an odyssey as gruelling as Robyn Davidson’s solo 2700 km Alice Springs to Indian ocean journey by camel.

To break the trip down our probiotic bacteria must survive being mashed and saliva’d in our mouths before plunging down the oesophagus into our highly acidic, unfriendly-enzyme-filled stomachs and if they survive this there’s another bile-filled, enzymatic test to pass in our small intestine. before they reach colon safety. Most beneficial bacteria die in the stomach but studies of human stool (what wouldn’t you give not to have that job?) reveal colonies of bacteria from yoghurt and kimchi surviving our digestive systems to become either transient or permanent contributing members of our microbiomes.

The key, according to studies, is numbers, similar to a herd of wildebeest crossing an alligator infested river– if there’s only a couple of you, there’s not much hope, but if there are millions then your chances of survival go up considerably. The take away from this dovetails nicely with the eating habits of many of the world’s longest-lived peoples – i.e. always have a pickle handy and don’t be shy on seconds.

Organic Ointments
More Specials
Soul Strengths Organic Ferments

Soul Strengths Organic Ferments range 515g

Brined to the calming beach soundtrack of the Anglesea coastal reserve, there are some fabulous combos to try here: Kimchi Spirulina Miso, Chilli Turmeric, Jalapeno Kale, Herb & Sprout and the classic Turmeric Ginger. Nice work, Georgia. From $15.95 to $14.95

Meru Miso Organic Sweet White or Red

Meru Miso organic sweet white or sweet red

Newish to the block and all the way from sunny Launceston, this is the real deal of traditional organic Miso ready to be spread on avocado toast, doused over everything or eaten straight from the jar. Sweet Red down from $14.40 to $13.75 Sweet white down from $14.75 to $13.75

Red Dragon Organics Tumeric Ginger Beer

Red Dragon organic turmeric ginger beer – Living Elixir

Usually when ingredients are hard to pronounce it's a good sign you should step away entirely, but these guys squeeze some delicious tongue twisters in to a bottle of fermented anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger juice and the results are darn refreshing. 375ml down from $6.85 to $6.15, and 1.25L down from $17.95 to $15.95

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