September 2014
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The following is a list of upcoming activities at CASA. Get your calendars out!

September 2014
Apply for funding through the FCC Ag Safety Fund. Submissions will be accepted from September 15 to October 20, 2014. Apply at

October 2014
CASA's 20th annual conference and AGM will be held in Ottawa, Ontario from October 7 to 9, 2014. Visit for more details and to register.

November 2014
Applications for the Back to Ag program will be accepted until November 28th, 2014. Watch for more details.

CASA is pleased to announce our Executive Director, Marcel Hacault, has been appointed President-Elect of the International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH). ISASH is dedicated to the professional development of agricultural safety and health professionals and provides development opportunities for its members such as an annual meeting, professional development short courses and encouragement to publish articles in professional journals. Hacault will hold the title of President-Elect for one year, before taking over the position of President from Risto Rautiainen in June, 2015.

CASA is also pleased to announce that Bruce Johnson, past chair of CASA and current President of the FarmSafe Foundation was awarded the International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) President’s Award in Omaha, NE in June by Chris Shivers, ISASH President. Johnson has served for more than 20 years in the agricultural health and safety field with his work as a primary advisor to a number of key agricultural health and safety programs across North America. Johnson was the Executive Director of the Farm and Ranch Safety and Health Association (FARSHA) in British Columbia from 1994 – 2014, served as a director for ISASH from 2010 – 2013 and currently serves as a director for Agrivita Canada. ISASH, an American-based international organization, is dedicated to the professional development of agricultural safety and health professionals, providing national and international leadership in preventing agricultural injuries and illnesses to the agricultural community.
If you have been approved to host a 2015 Progressive Agriculture Safety Day®, you should have received a congratulatory e-mail last week. Thirty-six trainings will be offered throughout North America starting in mid-September. Once again, a variety of 2-day trainings for new coordinators and 1-day trainings for experienced coordinators will be offered.  For questions on a training location near you, please call (877) 452-2272.
The Nordic Meeting on Agricultural Occupational Health and Safety was held in Porvoo, Finland August 25 – 27, 2014. NMAOHS gathered together Nordic researchers, experts, networks and organizations in the field. 

Agricultural occupation health and safety needs and solutions were presented and discussed at the event. Main themes of the meeting were: Work organization and OHS services, Health hazards and
control methods and work environment. 

Marcel Hacault, CASA's Executive Director attended and presented two presentations. A poster presentation on Canadian Agricultural Safety Week: "CASW and Culture Change: Communicating Farm Safety" discussing CASW's history, impact and future; and a power point presentation on Culture Change: "Agricultural Health and Safety:
Promoting Culture Change in Canada" discussing CASA's activities and initiatives. 

For more information on NMAOHS, please visit:

The International Conference for Hutterite Educators (ICHE) took place August 13–15, 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Three hundred attendees, speakers and guests attended the conference. The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association attended as a vendor to promote farm safety information and resources to participants.
CASA and the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services in Ontario have reached an agreement for CASA to distribute the Safe At Home flip chart for use in teaching farm safety in Anabaptist communities outside of Ontario. For more information, please call CASA at (877) 452-2272.


Let's Talk About It! Excellence + Beyond 2014 Held Oct 7–9 in Ottawa

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association will hold its annual conference and AGM in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario from October 7–9, 2014 at the Lord Elgin Hotel. The conference theme, Let’s Talk About It! Excellence + Beyond, is both a celebration of farm health and safety advancements and an opportunity for conference participants to discuss the future of farm safety in Canada. 

The conference opens with an Industry Reception Tuesday evening at the Lord Elgin Hotel with representatives from agri-business, health and safety organizations, farmers, farm advocates and government. On Wednesday, conference participants attend sessions focusing on farm safety strategies from the perspectives of farmers, agri-business and government. Wednesday also features the launch of the Back to Ag Program with CASA partners, Farm Credit Canada and the Rick Hansen Foundation. Thursday features Terry O’Reilly, host of CBC Radio’s Under the Influence as the key-note speaker presenting on The Power of Emotion, followed by CASA’s AGM. 

Approximately 70 participants are expected to participate in the conference. For more information or to register for Let’s Talk About It! Excellence + Beyond, visit

CASA has been organizing agricultural safety conferences for 20 years in order to bring stakeholders together to work towards improving safety and encouraging safe behavior on Canadian farms. Thank you to 2014 conference supporters:  CHS, Imperial Oil, DuPont Pioneer, BASF, Monsanto, The Co-operators, CropLife Canada, John Deere, MacDon, Oxford Frozen Foods and FARSHA.

Back to Ag Program       

CASA will be launching the Back to Ag Program on October 8th, 2014 to coincide with "Let's Talk About It! Excellence + Beyond" conference. The Back to Ag Program is made possible because of CASA's partnerships with Farm Credit Canada (FCC)  and the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF).

Following a very successful social media campaign, FCC donated $100,000 to the Back to Ag Program. Applicants will be able to apply for up to $10,000 of funding to use towards the purchase of adaptive technology or towards the cost of the adaption of existing equipment that will help them return to the agricultural workplace. 

Every year, Canadian farmers and agricultural workers experience life-altering injuries, such as paralysis or lost limbs. Injury prevention is the best way to keep farmers and farm workers safe, however the Back to Ag Program will help those already hurt. The Back to Ag program aims to help injured farmers return to farming in a safe manner. 

 Applications for Back to Ag will be accepted from October 8th until November 28th, 2014. For more information on the Back to Ag Program, please view the FAQs or contact CASA at



Fifth year of the FCC Ag Safety Fund to focus on tractor and machinery training

CASA is pleased to be partnering once again with Farm Credit Canada to announce the call for applications to the 2015 – 2016 FCC Ag Safety Fund.
The Fund, now in its fifth year, has provided over $400,000 to charitable and non-profit organizations to deliver farm safety training programs in their communities or within the agricultural sector. This year, $100,000 will be awarded to successful applicants.

The 2015 – 2016 FCC Ag Safety Fund will focus on offering grants to organizations that will deliver tractor and machinery safety training in a community setting to Canadian farmers and farm workers. According to Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting (CAIR) data, between 1990 and 2008, 70 per cent of agricultural fatalities in Canada were related to machinery, 46 per cent were caused by rollovers, runovers and entanglements. 

Applications to the FCC Ag Safety Fund will be accepted online from September 15 to October 20, 2014. To apply, go to:


Speak Up For Safer Equipment     

CASA has developed a new online tool that gives farmers an opportunity to express their concerns about possible hazards with farm equipment. The “Speak Up For Safer Equipment” tool is intended to provide a way for farmers, manufacturers and standards organizations to talk about safety concerns with agricultural equipment manufactured within the past five years.

The online form handles safety concerns where farm equipment is being used for primary agricultural production. It is not intended to handle cases where legal proceedings are taking place, where there are labour relations concerns or issues related to financial transactions.

Once a farmer has filled out the online form, CASA will review the safety concern and either will forward the issue directly to the appropriate manufacturer or, if the concern is a universal issue, forward it to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). As well as providing information to manufacturers and the CSA, the “Speak Up for Safer Equipment” tool will give CASA data on potential safety-related trends affecting farmers.

The tool isn't designed to hurt the reputation of any manufacturer or individual. Speak Up for Safer Equipment” will foster better communication and education between farmers, manufacturers and standards organization and will ultimately reduce the potential for injuries.

The “Speak Up for Safer Equipment” online tool is available on CASA’s website at Concerns can also be reported by phone at (877) 452-2272.


SynAgri Partners with CASA at Expo-Champs

This August, SynAgri in partnership with CASA and Farm Credit Canada, held events promoting farm safety and the Back to Ag Program at Expo-Champs in St-Liboire, Quebec. 

CASA teaching kits, Grain-Tug-of-War, Noise Exposure Demonstration Model, Chemical Look-a-Like kit and the Fatal Vision Goggles, were used to interact with families attending Expo-Champs to demonstrate some of the hazards found on the farm. Children and parents had the opportunity to also make sun-safety bracelets. 

Proceeds from a cotton candy station, a 50-50 draw and donations were all donated to the Back to Ag Program. 

To find out more about about SynAgri, please visit

U.S. to Observe National Farm Safety & Health Week 2014

The U.S.-based International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) urges consumers and everyone involved in agriculture to recognize National Farm Safety and Health Week (September 21-27) and promote awareness of safety solutions year round.

ISASH membership includes engineers, educators, insurers, physicians, nurses, veterinarians, statisticians, communicators, anthropologists, business leaders and others. Many of them have extensive farm and ranch backgrounds.

“This year’s safety week theme, ‘Safety counts: Protecting what matters,’ is best served by all of us working together to build a safer and healthier agricultural work place,” said ISASH President Risto Rautiainen, Ph.D., director, Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health, University of Nebraska, Omaha.

For more information on National Farm Safety and Health Week, and safety resources, visit the website of the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety,


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