June 2013
Conference this October 
The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association will hold its annual conference and AGM Get with the Plan! in Québec City from October 9 to 11, 2013 at the Hôtel Château Laurier.
The focus this year is on safety orientation and training for new workers in agriculture. Participants will hear from workers new to the country and employers putting safety plans to work with new entrants. It’s a hands-on conference with lots of opportunity to question, learn new techniques and share experiences to positively transform Canada’s ag safety culture.
The conference kicks off with an interactive SAFETY CIRCUIT on Wednesday evening. Thursday includes sessions focusing on incorporating safety training into new worker orientation, CASA’s AGM, and a tour of safety innovations near Québec City. This year, experience historical Québec City with an optional bus tour. Friday features an interactive workshop. Details to be announced. 
Registration begins in early July. Check www.casa-acsa.ca for updates.
Thank you to conference partners Imperial Oil, Pioneer Hi-Bred; friends BASF and Monsanto; and supporters CropLife Canada, MacDon and McCain Foods.
Get with the Plan in Québec City October 9 – 11!


The following is a list of upcoming activities at CASA. Get your calendars out!
July 2013
Deadline to apply to host a 2014 Safety Day is July 15, 2013. Go to www.casa-acsa.ca and click on Safety Days to apply.

August 2013
Attention CASA members, it’s time to renew your membership. You must renew by August 31, 2013 to remain a member in good standing. Visit www.casa-acsa.ca to renew or look for membership letters in July.

September 2013
Apply for funding through the FCC AgSafety Fund grant. Check back to www.casa-acsa.ca for submission details.

October 2013
CASA’s AGM and conference Get with the Plan! kicks off in the beautiful Quebec City October 9 to 11. Board elections to take place. Register beginning in early July. Check www.casa-acsa.ca for updates.

CASA Team Updates

Christine Maynard joined CASA in January as Administrative Assistant, replacing outgoing Administrative Assistant Laëtitia Matubanzulu. Matubanzulu returned to France in January to continue her career pursuits and we wish her the best of luck. Maynard will be looking after front desk duties and handling all Safety Day logistics. She has over a decade of experience in the agricultural sector in Manitoba working as farrowing technician for HyLife Foods and Maple Leaf Foods and completed an Administrative Assistant (Honours) diploma from the Academy of Learning in December 2012. Welcome aboard Christine!
CASA also bids adieu to Stella Laurin and Souhail Tragha. Laurin joined CASA in 2009 as an Administrative Assistant, working her way up to Manager of Membership Services. We wish Stella well in her future career pursuits. Tragha joined CASA as a summer student in 2012. He continued to work with CASA on a part-time basis while completing his final year of Business Administration from Université de Saint-Boniface. Tragha leaves to follow a career path into business. Good luck Souhail!
CASA also says goodbye to Carolyn Van Den Heuvel. Van Den Heuvel joined CASA on a contract basis in the spring of 2012 to coordinate a year-long field test designed to help producers in Nova Scotia implement written health and safety plans on their farms. Van Den Heuvel continues to work in a health and safety capacity for the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture and Perennia. Thank you Carolyn for your hard work and dedication to this project and we wish you great success in your future endeavors. 

CASA Funding Update
Over the last several years, the important work of CASA has been primarily supported by Growing Forward, a multi-year federal, provincial, territorial initiative. In March, CASA submitted an application for funding under the Agricompetitiveness stream of Growing Forward 2, the new tripartite funding agreement that replaces Growing Forward. CASA’s application was drafted with feedback from the National Farm Safety Strategy and the CASA membership, and focuses on continuing much of the good work CASA has undertaken over the last several years to promote farm safety and help farmers manage risks in the workplace. Over the next several months, CASA will be working with the federal government to finalize the next agreement. While it is anticipated that some changes in funding levels will occur, CASA is actively pursuing support from additional partners, particularly from the business sector.
Marcel Hacault is the Executive Director of CASA. “CASA will be required to work towards matching support of public funds,” he says. “I encourage agribusiness leaders with an interest in farm safety to consider sponsoring CASA activities, whether that includes donating to our charitable wing, the FarmSafe Foundation, supporting new products or activities, or contributing to existing initiatives. There is much work to do yet to increase safety on the farm and we welcome businesses to
 be part of the solution.”
For more information on supporting CASA, contact us at 1-877-452-2272 or email us at mhacault@casa-acsa.ca.

Apply to Host a Safety Day
Don’t wait to apply to host a Progressive Agriculture Foundation Safety Day® event in 2014! Communities that would like to host Safety Days next year can apply online at www.casa-acsa.ca and click on Safety Days. The deadline for applications is July 15, 2013. Safety Day coordinator training is available in both official languages. Safety Day events may also be delivered in English or French.
This year, over 12,000 children and participants are expected to take part in Safety Day events across Canada. That is the largest number of participants since the farm safety education events were introduced to Canada in 2002. Over 70 events are currently scheduled for 2013, with most events taking place between May and the end of August. These events will be supported by over 3,000 volunteers. Safety Day programming focuses on exploring dangers on the farm and the different ways children can take precautions to stay safe. Events are fun and hands-on, and include such topics as hearing conservation on the farm, safety around Power Take Off shafts and auger implements, safe animal handling, and grain bin safety. CASA partners with the Progressive Agriculture Foundation to facilitate Safety Day events throughout Canada. It’s the largest rural safety and health education program for children in North America. For a list of 2013 Safety Day events in Canada, or to see if there is a Safety Day event in your community, visit our website at www.casa-acsa.ca.

Ag Safety Week Engages Farmers
Over 100 farmers, students, and farm safety supporters gathered in Truro, Nova Scotia and Guelph, Ontario this past March 10 to 16, 2013 to take part in Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (CASW). For the first time, CASA, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) and Farm Credit Canada (FCC) teamed up with community groups in Truro and Guelph to host FarmSafe Forums, farm safety educational workshop held in conjunction with Canadian Agricultural Safety Week activities. Forum participants learned about the farm safety inspection process and heard from other farmers who are making safety a priority on their operations.Glen Blahey, Agricultural Health and Safety Specialist with CASA, led the workshops in both provinces. “It was great to see so many people come out to both events.”
This year, Ag Safety Week focused on the theme “Get with the Plan!” which encourages farmers to develop their own written health and safety plans.
In Guelph, participants heard from Tracey Cross-Childs, a speaker who lost a young child in a farming incident, and Jamie Beaumont, operator of J.P.C. Farms and farm safety advocate. Truro participants listened to presenter Cameron Taylor, who suffered severe injuries following a farming incident, and Geneve Newcombe, operator of Cornwallis Farms and farm safety plan supporter. 
For more information on Canadian Agricultural Safety Week activities, check out video of Forum event speakers, read a  farm safety article, or browse event photos online at www.agsafetyweek.ca.
CASA wishes to thank a number of groups that helped make CASW possible, including exclusive corporate sponsor FCC, CFA, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph, the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, Farm Safety Nova Scotia, and the Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University. We couldn’t have done this without you!  

Nova Scotia Pilot Project Wraps Up
This past spring CASA wrapped up a year-long pilot project in Nova Scotia designed to help farmers implement health and safety plans. CASA advisor Carolyn Van Den Heuvel worked with 12 producers as they used CASA’s Canada FarmSafe Plan to develop their own customized safety plan. The Canada FarmSafe Plan is a business risk-management tool for health and safety on the farm. In addition to helping farmers develop safety plans, the pilot was also designed to help CASA evaluate the utility of the Canada FarmSafe Plan and identify gaps or supporting tools that may be required to improve the planning tool in the future.
Overall, producers were pleased with the project but would like to see more templates included in the Canada FarmSafe Plan for things like standard operating procedures and safety policies. Producers felt this would cut down on the amount of time needed to develop a safety plan. They also indicated that they’d like to see more province-specific information included in the Canada FarmSafe Plan and think that farmers would benefit from having a local go-to person that could provide additional hands-on, advisory support to farmers working to develop and implement a farm safety plan.
Glen Blahey is the Agricultural Health and Safety Specialist with CASA. “The feedback from farmers has been invaluable. Over the next several months we’ll be using this feedback to enhance the Canada FarmSafe Plan with templates and resources that will benefit producers not just in Nova Scotia, but across the country,” he says.
As for on-the-ground advisory support and province-specific content, Blahey says those recommendations will likely require more time to develop, as they will involve one-on-one relationship building with other individual provinces.
In the meantime, Blahey says the Canada FarmSafe Plan is still the go-to tool for developing a safety plan on the farm and producers can continue to access the core plan at www.casa-acsa.ca or contact CASA for the complete plan at info@casa-acsa.ca.
CASA would like to thank Carolyn Van Den Heuvel and all the participating farmers and organizations that helped contribute to this project. Your feedback and support has been invaluable. 

FCC Ag Safety Fund Recipients Announced
This past April, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) and CASA announced the recipients of this year’s FCC AgSafety Fund. Ten organizations received grant funding to undertake farm safety projects, including the delivery of a series of farm safety webinars, a general safety tips calendar, and a safe work practices handbook and accompanying video for the turkey industry, to name a few. A total of $125,000 has been awarded via the grant, now into its third year. The fund provides support to charitable and non-profit organizations undertaking projects that provide safety training to producers within Canada. Congratulations to all fund recipients! For a list of projects visit www.casa-acsa.ca/fcc-agsafety-fund-2013-2014. The application period for 2014 funding will be announced in the late summer.
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