Dear friend,

Last week, inside the maroon bricks halls of Nepal’s Ministry of Health, I saw the most important signature of the year put to paper.
The moment Nepal’s Health Secretary signed our new partnership agreement, we doubled our cash funding from the government and secured a majority of our pharmaceuticals – our second largest expense â€“ free through their supply chain. The most important piece of all is this agreement is performance-based, so the value it delivers grows as we grow.

This level of partnership has long been in the making. From day one, we’ve always considered the investment we catalyze from the government a key performance indicator, right next to the number of patients we treat and people we employ.
That’s because a new kind of partnership is needed to bring high-quality, low-cost health care to the poorest. And our pioneering model – one in which a nonprofit delivers health care within the government’s infrastructure and is paid by the government only if outcomes are achieved – is transforming what’s possible in places that had no care.

Your support has driven the results 
you see in our 2013 Annual Report, and is still needed to seed the proof that will grow government investment over time.
Thank you for your investment in our work.

Duncan Maru, MD/PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Programs Officer