The earthquake that struck Nepal at 11:56 AM on April 25, 2015, and the additional earthquakes since, represents the greatest natural disasters to befall Nepal in modern history.
Build Back Differently: Our Role in Nepal; Plus see our latest impact.

        Hi Terri,
We are committing to build back differently. The earthquakes that have struck Nepal since the first 7.8 quake on April 25th represent the greatest natural disasters to befall Nepal in modern history.  When the first quake hit, our team was 300 km from the epicenter planning next year's expansion. In spite of our physical distance from the epicenters, there is no question the earthquakes change everything for us and the country of Nepal. They have left the country in a scenario we call "acute on chronic" -- meaning an acute emergency has been layered on top of a chronic one.  I'm proud of our team's response in this relief phase. We have continued care in our setting of chronic emergency and used our seven years of experience in Nepal to move major resources to communities most in need. There have been important gains, like working with Direct Relief and the Nepali government to move $15 million of medical supplies and equipment into the country.  But as the country begins to structure a rebuilding phase, we have much more to do.
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