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who's having fun?

Hey y’all,

San Francisco: Hope to see you next week for my talk at Litquake

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week: 

  1. A question I ask myself a lot these days: “Who’s having fun?” (I’m having fun adding the wrong words to the four-year-old’s drawings.)
  2. How I know I’m reading the right book.
  3. A poem to internalize. (Reading Van Gogh: The Life, I found myself siding with Van Gogh’s parents that he should shut up and just try to hold down a job for a while, so I had to switch to something completely different and read Ron Padgett’s poetry collection, Big Cabin. I love Padgett’s stuff — his Collected Poems is mammoth and great, and if you’ve ever seen Paterson, Jim Jarmusch asked Padgett to write a bunch of the poems in the movie.)
  4. The Van Gogh museum has a wonderful online print collection. (I especially love all the Hiroshige and Vallotton prints. Still haven’t found any of Van Gogh’s collages or commonplace books, though. Let me know if you’ve seen them!)
  5. A 97-year-old professor here in Austin is officially the oldest person to win the Nobel Prize. (Dr. Goodenough, who has the best name, was profiled three few years ago in the NYTimes: “To Be A Genius, Think Like A 94-Year-Old.”)
  6. Margaret Atwood recommends one of my favorite books, Lewis Hyde’s The Gift. The book has inspired a new film, Gift, which is now screening in select theaters.
  7. A visit to Sandra Boynton’s studio.
  8. RIP photographer Jill Freedman. (Her estate has posted a lot of her stuff on Instagram.)
  9. RIP drummer Ginger Baker. (Some clips of him drumming, here.)
  10. Everyone can be Batman.
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