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Hey y’all,

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week: 
  1. RIP legendary producer and “fifth Beatle&rdquo George Martin. Everybody should know the amazing work he did with The Beatles, but he also recorded a bunch of non-Beatles tunes: the folks at Rhino Records put together a big Spotify playlist of them. (I’m particular fond of his records with Peter Sellers and this crazy recording from 1962.) Though he wore a suit and tie to the studio, he was more experimental than you’d think—here he is talking about painting with sound.
  2. New Order’s “Blue Monday” performed on 1930s instruments. (This video was so cool it inspired me to take the top off my piano and show him the guts.)
  3. An interesting look at the work of Annie Dillard and why she’s been less prolific in her later years. (See also: how she wrote Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.)
  4. If you’d like to see a classic comedy this weekend, I highly recommend Howard Hawks’ 1942 film, Ball Of Fire.
  5. A terrific website dedicated to Charles Schulz’s love of classical music and his use of Beethoven in Peanuts strips.
  6. Iggy Pop talks about death, money, Bowie, and his chair collection.
  7. Cartoonist Bruce Eric Kaplan’s memoir I Was A Child is sort of like Joe Brainard’s I Remember done in the style of Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions. (My notes here.) 
  8. The Five Whys is a method of asking questions until you get to the root cause of a problem.
  9. An obituary for Rev. Robert Palladino, a former Trappist monk who taught calligraphy at Reed College and influenced the typography on the original Apple computer. (Related: a reader sent me this cool note about Buddhism and copying sacred texts.)
  10. SXSW starts in Austin today — two years ago I was giving the keynote at interactive, and exactly one year ago my son Jules was born! I’ll probably avoid the madness again this year, but if you’re coming to town, here’s a list of decent food joints nearby. (Best not to ask me, as I rarely leave the house anymore.)
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