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Hey y’all,

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week: 

  1. Nobody knows anything.
  2. This week I finished Tom Hodgkinson’s books How To Be Idle and The Idle Parent, and I’m still reading back issues of Growing Without Schooling and tweeting a highlight from each issue. (Here’s a list on Bookshop of most of the books I’ve mentioned so far this year.)
  3. Nick Cave on honor among thieves.
  4. Poetry is language made special.
  5. The calm of collage. (Speaking of cutting and pasting: I love Andy Baio’s “Paste Parties.”)
  6. Eye candy: I loved Apollo 11. Stunning footage. It would be a great documentary to watch with the whole family. I also rewatched Free Solo, which is still nuts. (Both are streaming on Hulu.) 
  7. Ear candy: Duke Ellington’s Piano Reflections, which is him playing in a trio without the orchestra. Beautiful stuff. Try “Reflection in D.” (Thanks, David!
  8. A very happy belated birthday to Willie Nelson, who turned 87 this week. Texas Monthly ranked all 143 of his albums and the man himself uploaded his 1976 Austin City Limit set where he and the band do the entirety of Red Headed Stranger. Fantastic. (Did you know he has the first quote in Keep Going?)
  9. I will buy thousands of these Jason Polan stamps if they get made. (I miss him.)
  10. RIP drummer Tony Allen. I have listened to so much of the music he made with Fela Kuti in the past few weeks. It’s hard to feel bad when it’s on. (If you’re new, try Gentleman.) 
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PS. Tip for wearers of glasses: I put a piece of tissue on the bridge of my nose while wearing a mask and my lenses don’t fog up!
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