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why I keep a diary
Hey y’all,

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week: 
  1. Why I keep a diary and how I keep a diary.
  2. As for reading diaries, I’m still reading Thoreau’s journal every morning, but I’m also reading the daily entries in The Assassin’s Cloak, “an anthology of the world’s greatest diarists.” Great book.
  3. I’ve discovered that when I’m deep into a writing project it’s really hard for me to not think about writing all the time, so I have to read novels at night to try to calm down. This week I read Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s All You Need Is Kill, which was adapted into the (underrated IMO) movie, Edge of Tomorrow, which is basically Groundhog Day as a war movie. (Heck, Hiroshi even named the female protagonist “Rita”!) Today I got this lovely postcard from London, which I’m taking as a sign I need to finally read Tove Jansson’s Fair Play. (I love her work so much.)
  4. I have forgotten how to read.” (Michael Harris mentions Neil Postman — Amusing Ourselves To Death is at the top of my favorite books I read last year.)
  5. Ahh, the magic of a fresh pack of index cards and pushing them around.
  6. I loved The Art of Tinkering, a book connected to the Exploratorium’s Tinkering Studio, which I can’t wait to visit with the boys next month when we visit San Francisco for my talk at Bond. (I should note that I discovered the book through Mitch Resnick’s Lifelong Kindergarten, which is very good.)
  7. The poems of Jack Gilbert. (Need to get his Collected.)
  8. Ear candy: I don’t listen to much guitar music these days, but I’m making an exception for Superchunk’s terrific new album, What A Time To Be Alive, because I’m interviewing Mac and Laura during SXSW! (I’m totally stoked to talk to them. Planning on re-reading Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records soon. Let me know if you have good questions!)
  9. Podcast: A long, fantastic interview with Jaron Lanier with an anecdote about an hour in that dropped my jaw. (I liked You Are Not A Gadget, especially this listand I now plan on picking up his other books.)
  10. My adventures in taking my 5-year-old to the art museum and trying to help him learn piano.
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