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Newspaper Blackout is finally available as an ebook

Get Newspaper Blackout as an eBook!

My first book, Newspaper Blackout, is now available as an eBook.

#showyourwork tour dates

Book tour is off to a killer start!

Had a fantastic time in Boston, NYC, and D.C. last week. Thanks to everyone who came out! I started a little tour diary on my blog. Next week I'm in Miami and Atlanta, and then I'm in San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. See all upcoming tour dates

Links worth clicking

“How to Self-Promote Without Being a Jerkface.” Fast Company suggests a new subtitle for my book.

A must-listen (MUST LISTEN!) interview with Mike Watt on The Minutemen.

Will Sheff on how he listens to music.

Why “Do What You Love” (DWYL) isn't such hot advice, why it's “self-focused to the point of narcissism,” and why you can only DWYL if “someone else makes sure the toilet isn't backing up.”

Kurt Vonnegut's letter to a high school class.

David Sedaris on the horrors of overhead lighting.

A band attempts to fund their tour by posting a silent album on Spotify.

What made The Scarlet Letter a bestseller.

“Iskandariya,” a poem by Brigit Pegeen Kelly.

I can't stop listening to this new record from The War On Drugs.

New blackout poems

all men r hired to perform in an underrehearsed circus. but then fall from the stage
it is better off you know the me i put on the internet don't feel hoodwinked
i miss home and the team
the land of my lies has melted away / it was big as russia
i am a long way / around the block / between the native and the idiot
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