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da vinci woke up in the morning and made a list of what he wanted to learn
Hey y’all,

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week: 
  1. Leonardo da Vinci woke up in the morning and made a list of what he wanted to learn. (Can you tell I’ve just started Walter Isaacson’s new biography?)
  2. Alan Jacob’s great new book, How To Think, is out this week. (You may remember me raving about his book about reading.) It’s fine that The Atlantic interviewed him and all, but the real news is that I’m interviewing him at Bookpeople here in Austin this Monday, 10/23 at 7PM. Very excited about it. Come on out! Details here.
  3. “Read more than you write, live more than you read.”
  4. People who built the internet are unplugging from it. Tech people drive me crazy when they’re quoted saying, “We never saw this coming!” when people like Neil Postman and Ellen Ullman and Ursula Franklin (among many, many others—but I recommend their books in particular) were sounding the alarms the whole time. (Related reading: One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end.)
  5. On copying paintings at the Louvre. (Copying is how we learn.)
  6. I love this description of musician Arthur Russell’s apartment in the liner notes of Love Is Overtaking Me. It made me re-listen to Olivia Laing’s radio essay about his life. (Her book, The Lonely City, was one of my favorite things I read last year.) 
  7. Actor and director Sarah Polley on the men you meet making movies. (I highly recommend her movie, Stories We Tell.)
  8. Two painters will be the first black artists to officially paint a presidential couple. (I love Kehinde Wiley.)
  9. An ingenious hack for sketching with two-point perspective.
  10. I’m still blogging every day in October! It’s been really fun, like the old days. (Here’s Seth Godin on keeping a daily blog and Paul Ford on his website turing 20.) Read my posts this week about escaped iguanas, free drugs, the crescent moon, and more, here.
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PS. I signed a bunch of books at Bookpeople here in Austin (available online — they ship everywhere!) and since I couldn’t sign the new calendar, I added some original post-it art! 😎
steal calendar
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