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Hey y’all,

I’m on a big road trip with the family this week. Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing: 

  1. I brought two (paper) books of poetry with me on the trip: Emily Wilson’s translation of The Odyssey and T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets. I’ve been too tired to read a page of either of them, though, so maybe I should’ve downloaded the Claire Danes audiobook or the recording of Eliot himself reading!
  2. A list of the 100 best pens. They have a few Pilot G-2s on the list, but not the Pilot G-2 Bold, the pen I write with every morning. It produces a smooth, fat, smeary line that I adore. (I put it on my holiday gift guide.)
  3. Need something to read? Try NPR’s best of 2018 book concierge. (I don’t make my year-end list until the very end of the year.) 
  4. Movie lovers: my friend Lance has terrific taste, but hates the internet, so I’m posting his holiday movie recommendations over at A Christmas Movie A Day.
  5. Music writer Geeta Dayal on writing as an optimistic act. (Check out her great 33 1/3 book on Brian Eno’s Another Green World.) 
  6. Dwight Garner shares favorite quotes from his commonplace book.
  7. Editor Tavi Gevinson’s heartfelt letter on the end of Rookie.
  8. Everything is for sale now. Including us
  9. The bad news: Freshwater is getting salty. The good news: Salt water is the cure for everything.
  10. RIP Buzzcock’s Pete Shelley. Gonna throw on Singles Going Steady tonight.
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PS. Look at this beauty. (!!!)
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