This week: how to hide and still be found, how to keep a diary, and a list of stocking-stuffers for the holidays...

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everybody's got something. in the end, what choice does one really have but to understand that truth, to really take it in, and then shop for groceries, get a haircut, do one's work; get on with the business of one's life
Hey y’all,

The year is 95% over. Time for a new calendar!

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week: 
  1. How to hide and still be found.
  2. When my first son was born, Nancy was all I could manage to read. After reading the classic essay [PDF], I have been waiting for the book version of How To Read Nancy for years. It didn’t disappoint. If the idea of reading 200+ pages on Nancy doesn’t do it for you, just steal this advice from the author: “Study something you love in depth.”
  3. I wrote about David Sedaris’s method of keeping a diary and the importance of revisiting notebooks. (And guardian spirits!)
  4. I enjoyed David Rakoff’s essay collection Half Empty. Really funny. Great sentences. Don’t miss his bit on the Broadway show Rent.
  5. I finally finished Walter Isaacson’s biography of Leonardo da Vinci. I wasn’t a huge fan of the book’s structure, honestly, but here’s how to wake up like Leo. (I read two really outstanding biographies this year: Laura Walls’ Thoreau: A Life and Stefan Zweig’s Montaigne.) 
  6. Why I’m obsessed by the simplest cut.
  7. Ear candy: it’s NSFW, but I really liked Jon Ronson’s podcast series, The Butterfly Effect. (His book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed was near the top of my favorite reads of 2015.)
  8. Eye candy: my wife and I loved The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel and Christmas in Connecticut
  9. Tis the season to freak out about last-minute holiday shopping! Don’t worry, here’s a big list of my favorite stocking-stuffers. (Might I suggest some books I like and some books I signed?)
  10. If you’re having a rough time, remember: the demons hate fresh air. (Also: stay away from the “this sucks!” hammer!)
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PS. Steal Like An Artist is in the NYTimes Book Review this week and also on sale at Target! Not bad for a 5-year-old book.
Austin Kleon is the author of Steal Like An Artist and other books.

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