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Curious is a good thing to be

Hey y’all,

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week: 

  1. Stick around and stay curious, because curious is a good thing to be.
  2. This week I finished Donald Hall’s A Carnival of Losses: Notes Nearing Ninety, which is a little looser than Essays Over Eighty, but plenty enjoyable. I did a “people you follow” search for both of these collections and the only result was John Wilson’s review, which is very good. (Next up: reading more of Jane Kenyon’s poems.)
  3. I re-read the wonderful books in Bruno Munari’s workshop series: Drawing a Tree, The Tactile Workshops, Drawing The Sun, and Roses in the Salad. (I have not been able to track down the other two books in the series, A Flower With Love and Original Xerographies, which both seem to be out-of-print and ridiculously expensive. Lemme know if you have a lead on them!) 
  4. Favorite thing I wrote this week: Writers on how stuttering shaped their work. (TL;DR: it was an excuse to post this recording of my six-year-old reading Philip Larkin.)
  5. The Day the Music Burned.” Terrific reporting by Jody Rosen on the 2008 Universal fire and also a meditation on the music industry, historic preservation, and recording technology. Reminded me a lot of Nicholson Baker’s Double Fold
  6. More from my blog: Wandering zines, a look at the original mechanicals for The Medium is the Massage, the fate of an archive, and Thoreau’s obsession with frogs.
  7. Ear candy: Rather than paying a hacker’s ransom, Radiohead released 18 hours of stolen OK Computer sessions on Bandcamp.
  8. Françoise Gilot’s memoir, Life with Picasso, has been reissued, and at 97, she says she regrets nothing.
  9. When the world’s most famous mystery writer vanished. (Agatha Christie’s An Autobiography is my wife’s favorite book.)
  10. Speaking of mystery: There’s something buried in the moon. (If you’re reading this, the sun has not died yet, and that’s not nothing!)
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