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Hey y’all,

The turnout for the Keep Going tour has been so awesome. Sacramento set the bar high this week with over 150 people. Tonight I’m at Tattered Cover in Denver, and next week I’m in Boston, Washington, D.C., Richmond, and Cleveland. I would love to see you and draw in your books. Bring a friend or two or three. (See more tour dates here.) 

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week: 

  1. To celebrate the release of Keep Going, for a limited time Cotton Bureau is selling Keep Going t-shirts and sweatshirts!
  2. I’m reading Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House and Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing. (I find the way Seth redefines marketing as service really helpful.)
  3. Oliver Sacks on the healing power of gardens. (From his last collection, Everything in Its Place.)
  4. A podcast about the inventor of kindergarten. Featured are authors of two books I recommend: Alexandra Lange’s The Design of Childhood and Norman Brosterman’s Inventing Kindergarten, which makes the brilliant case that many of the great Modernist artists and architects were influenced by the invention of kindergarten.
  5. On “operational transparency,” or why showing what you do adds value to your work.
  6. The mysteries of mummy portraits from Ancient Egypt.
  7. Ear candy: since I’ve been traveling so much, I’ve been listening to an old favorite, The Magnetic Fields’ The Charm of the Highway Strip. (Here’s a photo of me and Stephin Merritt. That was a fun interview.) 
  8. Last weekend I took the Coast Starlight Amtrak from Seattle to San Francisco, and it was really fun. (And yes, I listened to “Born on a Train” several times.)
  9. Eye candy: Since I was staying in The Presidio after I got off the train, I watched the Andy Goldsworthy documentaries, Rivers and Tides and Leaning Into The Wind. (I wrote about Goldsworthy’s work when my youngest turned three. He’s also a big inspiration for my six-year-old’s driftwood sculptures.) 
  10. Shut up and listen and give yourself a decade.
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PS. Come see me on the road!
The Keep Going Tour
Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is the author of Steal Like An Artist and other books.

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