ISSUE #2 – MARCH 2014
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Quote Follow-ups

Although it is possible to filter pending status quotes for any client from the view quotes window, there is a better way to view and action this critical information!
The View quote follow-ups window provides a single list of all quotes on the system that need to be followed up, and the date they should be followed up by. Each sales rep can use this screen to quickly locate all the quotes that they are responsible for. The quote follow-up window provides a central location to manage quotes, including creating a quote revision or creating an order from a quote.

Tagging (ticking) a quote will reveal and enable the “Follow-up” button. This button will create an email with a specific follow-up message confirming that the client has received the original quote and inviting the client to discuss the proposal further.

Go to the Quote menu, and Follow-ups

Estimate Follow-ups Report

The Estimate Follow-ups report lists “Pending” (unconverted) estimates that require a follow-up call on or before the specified date. You can filter the report by client, estimator or sales rep. The report can be subtotalled and also provides a cost and sell dollar value breakup - enabling you to easily view the value of these pending quotes.

Run this report from the Quote Follow-ups window icon or from the Quote menu, Reports, and Follow-ups

For more information, the Accura Group on Linkedin has a post covering this topic:

Don’t Forget to Record the Outcome of Your Quote Follow-ups!

From the Follow-ups window, use the Results button to change the quote outcome status. Alternatively, you can use the Change Quote Outcome Status feature on the toolbar of View quotes to change lost quote statuses to “Lost” and leave a reason why. You can then use the Quote Outcomes Report to analyse why you are losing work.

For more information, the Accura Group on Linkedin has a post covering this topic:

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Accura Tips & Tricks

You can make your own toolbar of Accura's menu items, making all your most common functions available without navigating the menus.

Hold down the Ctrl key whilst selecting an item on Accura's menus to create your toolbox.

You can then add buttons to it by repeating the process and selecting a different menu option.

AccuraOnline Module

AccuraOnline is the dynamic E-commerce web module for Accura. It enables your customers to access their data in real time, 24/7 from the Accura MIS system through a secure browser interface. Benefits to you include:
  • Build customer loyalty/retention
  • Trade 24/7
  • Respond in real-time
  • Fewer enquiries & admin
  • Build your brand awareness
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Broaden geographic coverage
  • Win new contracts
  • Give customers more control
  • Expand into new markets
AccuraOnline eDocBuilder add-on
Allow your customers to edit & self-proof artwork, generate a print-ready Hi-Res PDF file, which will be synchronised into the Accura MIS, and output to a workflow system “hot-folder”… all seamlessly with this optional extra to the AccuraOnline module!
Call Daniel at Idealsolution toll free AU 1800 88 58 48 | NZ 0800 447 333 or email for more information on the AccuraOnline or eDocBuilder modules.
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