ISSUE #4 - MAY 2014
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Views, Browsing & Searching

Window view “Options” tabs, “Quick Filters” and more!

Accura provides many options for viewing, browsing and searching for information in the database. Most of the main browse windows in Accura have powerful filtering and search functions. Look out for the Options tabs on View Quotes, Browse Materials, View Orders, View Sales Invoices, View Purchase Orders etc.

The Options tab contains common filtering options like date-range, sales-rep, job-type, office, subref etc... Also powerful string searching like "Description begins with" or "Description contains". These options have been designed so that you don’t have to use “Custom Queries” for common tasks (more on custom queries in a future newsletter). 

For example, View materials features a ‘Quick-filter’ on the main tab for size, weight and sub-category, and more filtering on the Options tab for things like supplier, colour, thickness, finish, description text etc. 

Please note that the default date-range will be set in the main defaults area (setup menu, defaults), but can be overriden here. Depending on the window, the date-range is limited to the last year or the last month of data.

If you can’t find an estimate or an order in Accura, there is a good chance that you may have inadvertently excluded the record with a date range or another filtering option. To remove filtering from a window, go to the Options tab, and click the Reset button.

The view windows for quotes, orders, delivery notes, invoices, purchase orders and purchase invoices all have a search field which can be used for the current client or supplier or change the “Type” drop-down menu to “Any” to search all clients or suppliers. The Options tab will also be used to filter the search results, so double check date ranges etc.

The Quote and Order menus also offer a search feature. Quotes can be searched by Quote-Number or Job-Number, while Orders can be searched by Job-Number, Order-No, Invoice-Number and Quote-Number.

Last but not least, the Order menu also offers the “Status” and “Tracking” windows, which are commonly used with the Job Costing Module and RDC licenses (Remote Data Capture).

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Local Support: Please don’t hesitate to contact Daniel or Stephen on 1800 88 58 48 for AU support, or in NZ call Shirley on 0274 805 228 or Idealsolution on 0800 447 333.

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Accura Training

Idealsolution offer Accura training not only to new customers, but also to existing customers.

Core module training or optional module training such as CRM, Stock Control, Purchase Ordering, Job Costing, RDC, Scheduling, AccuraOnline and AccuraOnline Designer (Artwork Editing “W2P” plug-in). 
New Staff Members: Free up existing internal staff for production instead of training new staff, train new staff “by the book” rather than learning from experienced yet untrained staff.

Existing Staff Members: Refresher training, “train the trainer”, new version release features, special use cases.

Training can be onsite at your premises or we can also offer a live web/phone based remote training session at a reduced rate.

Call Daniel at Idealsolution toll-free on 1800 88 58 48 or in New Zealand
0800 447 333 or email us for more information.  

Feature Module:

Raise supplier purchase orders with ease and fax/email direct from screen. Book materials into the optional Stock Control module, compare purchase invoices to their purchase order value to highlight pricing issues and export purchase invoices to accounts software like MYOB, QuickBooks or Xero.

Accura Purchase Ordering integrates fully with the optional Job Costing module to update outwork costs of jobs as orders or invoices are entered, and with Stock Control to record materials as they are received.

Fully searchable purchase order and invoice histories indicate the status of each order, e.g. Pending, Delivered, Invoiced etc. Purchase order histories can also be viewed directly from Supplier and Order windows. Reporting facilities allow you to analyse purchase orders by job, supplier or status.

Call Daniel at Idealsolution toll-free on 1800 88 58 48 or in New Zealand
0800 447 333 or email us for more information on the Accura Purchasing module.
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