ISSUE #3 - APRIL 2014
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TIP: Outwork Tender Requests

Do you need to get competitive pricing from multiple suppliers for a piece of outwork? Check out the “Tender” workflow feature from the “Workings” tab within your quote.

Accura Quote Tender Window Interface

Add an “Adhoc” type outwork to a quote, then press the “Tender” button or right-click it within the workings tab and select “Tender” – this will prompt you for which suppliers to send to. The quote will be automatically set to “Incomplete” status while you are awaiting prices from your suppliers. Additionally notes will be applied to the outwork items capturing the email correspondence text. You can then include/exclude returned prices from the final quote, choosing the final one you’re going with only – so that you always have a history of the submitted prices from all suppliers. You will then be prompted to automatically return the quote to “pending” status in order to submit the estimate to your client for approval.

The brief, special & other fields on the General tab of the quote are not printed by default on the estimate letter. You can use these fields to enter supplier specific instructions to print on the “Outwork tender” letter.

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Feature Module:
Accura CRM Module

The Accura CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module is one of the few truly integrated Print MIS CRM systems available. It adds to the Accura MIS system a unique set of “front-end” Sales & Marketing functions for your business. Now you can have complete “visibility” across your business – recording all customer-facing activities within one MIS system: telephone calls, appointments, reminders, disputes and see all this information in one place.

Why do I need it?
The Accura CRM module will help develop and guide your business in the right direction, by improving communication, making your marketing efforts more cost effective, and improving the efficiency of your sales team.

Accura CRM enables you to profile and target prospects, to record activities from sales, production, and accounts in one database – your Accura MIS system. Add to this a range of functions including: appointment calendar/tasks integration with MS Outlook, database queries, reporting, campaign analysis, opportunity sales-forecasting, mailshots, E-shots, Fax broadcasting and more… and you’ll wonder how you managed without Accura CRM before!

One common database
Total visibilty of all activities
Analyse marketing costs/success
Departments can share information
Forecast sales revenue
Never forget anything
Understand your customers better
Respond quicker & more efficiently
Provide better customer-service
Plan/monitor marketing campaigns

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Call Daniel at Idealsolution toll-free on 1800 88 58 48 or in New Zealand
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Accura Training

Idealsolution offer Accura training not only to new customers, but also to existing customers.

Core module training or optional module training such as CRM, Stock Control, Purchase Ordering, Job Costing, RDC, Scheduling, AccuraOnline and AccuraOnline eDocBuilder. 
New Staff Members: Free up existing internal staff for production instead of training new staff

Existing Staff Members: Refresher training, new version features, special use cases

Training can be onsite at your premises or we can also offer a live web/phone based remote training session at a reduced rate.
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