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Backup Your Data Everyday!

What would be the consequences of losing your clients, quotes, orders, and invoice histories completely? When did you last backup your files?

Computer hardware cannot be relied upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Computer hard disks are the most likely component in a computer to fail, and when that happens, all data on the computer (including Accura) can be lost forever. Not to mention break-ins, fire etc.
If you don't backup regularly then you are risking your database and risking your business. Accura can be reinstalled, however your database can never be recovered unless you have backed it up!

Accura has a built-in backup program that you can use to backup your Accura installation and your database to zip files - ready for backup to rewritable CD/DVD, tape, hard drive, USB flash drive etc. This backup utility must only be run when all users have exited their Accura client software.
We recommend you take your backups home each day or use secure internet based storage services, so no matter what goes wrong, your backup data is up to date, off-site and safe. Some of our larger customers use special software on their Accura server to backup their data every hour, live - while their staff are using the system.
There have been posts at the Accura Group on Linkedin covering this topic:

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Estimate Analysis Report

Accura Reporting - Estimate Analysis Report

The Estimate Analysis report provides a complete breakdown of all the workings that have gone into the estimate and their costs. It can be printed in detailed or summary format on request or when completing a quote using the Estimate Printing option. Run this report from the Quote menu, Reports, and Analysis...

Accura Tips & Tricks

You can use the Change Quote Outcome Status feature on the toolbar of View quotes to change lost quote statuses to “Lost” and leave a reason why. You can then use the quote Outcomes report to analyse why you are losing work.
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