CapacityPlus NewsletterMarch 2011
Tracking and Monitoring the Health Workforce

An article in Human Resources for Health, “Tracking and monitoring the health workforce: A new human resources information system (HRIS) in Uganda,” draws on data from CapacityPlus's iHRIS software to identify trends and gaps in the Ugandan health worker training system. Read more »

CapacityPlus Voices

"Implementing health workforce plans together" features Laurence Codjia of the Global Health Workforce Alliance. She shares her views on the role of stakeholder leadership groups in making progress on health workforce plans. Read more »

CapacityPlus News

Christian Health Associations Target Maternal and Child Health in Africa

“FBOs have a very important role in addressing maternal mortality…[they are] well positioned to help reduce maternal mortality rates,” began the call to action by Jude Edochie, executive director of the United Nations Population Fund/Ghana, at a recent gathering of faith-based organizations. Read more »
Incorporating Health Workforce Issues into Reproductive Health Advocacy

Patrick Mugirwa of Partners in Population and Development (PPD) Africa Regional Office talks about how PPD advocates for reproductive health, and how learning more about health workforce issues can support those efforts. Read more »

HRH Global Resource Center Creates Subject Guide on FBOs

CapacityPlus’s HRH Global Resource Center has produced a new subject guide on faith-based organizations (FBOs). The guide provides information on the significant role of FBOs in human resources for health and health infrastructure. Read more »

iHRIS Software Strengthens Management of Health Workforce Information

CapacityPlus has released new versions of its iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify software. Read more »

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