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Health Worker Productivity and Retention
CapacityPlus’s new Health Workforce Productivity Analysis and Improvement Toolkit describes a step-wise process to measure the productivity of facility-based health workers, understand the underlying causes of productivity problems, and identify potential interventions to address them. The interactive toolkit breaks down each step within five stages:
  • Stage 1: Calculate and Compare Health Workforce Productivity at Health Facilities
  • Stage 2: Understand Health Workforce Productivity Problem Types and Their Possible Underlying Causes
  • Stage 3: Conduct Qualitative Productivity Assessment
  • Stage 4: Identify Potential Productivity Improvements
  • Stage 5: Monitor Progress.
The toolkit is designed for use by a variety of stakeholders who can assist health workers at the facility level to improve their productivity and contribute to meeting health program goals.
Health Workforce Productivity Analysis and Improvement Toolkit
To help countries determine what would motivate health workers to accept and remain in rural posts, CapacityPlus developed the Rapid Retention Survey Toolkit: Designing Evidence-Based Incentives for Health Workers. Now, a revised edition contains improvements based on additional application in Namibia among pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, as part of the People that Deliver initiative and in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the University of Namibia.

The toolkit employs a simplified approach of the discrete choice experiment (DCE), a powerful research method that identifies the trade-offs professionals are willing to make between specific job characteristics, and determines their preferences for various incentive packages.

The “rapid DCE” approach enables HR managers to quickly assess health professional students’ and/or health workers’ motivational preferences to take up posts and remain in underserved facilities. The results can be used to create evidence-based incentive packages that are appropriate within a country’s health labor market.
Rapid Retention Survey Toolkit
Health students in Ghana
Small College Makes Big Changes to Train More Health Workers

Ghana desperately needs more skilled birth attendants to improve maternal health. Currently only 54% of births are assisted by a trained health worker.

CapacityPlus is partnering with Garden City University College and 29 other schools in sub-Saharan Africa to apply innovative approaches for graduating more health workers. Read more »
Knowledge Library

Estimating the Cost of Educating and Training Nurses and Midwives
Investing in Health Workforce Education and Training for Expanded Access to Essential Health Services for Underserved Populations
Building Human Resources for Health Governance and Leadership Capacity at the Country Level
Developing a Human Resources for Health (HRH) Effort Index to Measure Country-Level Status in HRH
Increasing the Production of Competent and Qualified Frontline Health Workers in Nigeria
Building the “Educational Home”: Staying Connected to Alumni with MEPI Graduate Tracking in Ghana

March 2, Washington, DC
Global Health Mini-University

Health and Social Service Workers (9:45 a.m.)
HRH Effort Index (11:00 a.m.)
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