CapacityPlus NewsletterAugust 2012
New eLearning Course

Health workers are an essential component of health service delivery—without them, there can be no health care. But program and project implementers are challenged to generate evidence linking health workforce strengthening activities to health outcomes. Many practitioners aren’t sure what metrics are available or recommended for monitoring and evaluating progress in the area of human resources for health (HRH).
An Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation of Human Resources for Health is a new eLearning course that introduces key monitoring and evaluation (M&E) concepts and how they apply to the field of HRH. The course also provides an overview of resources and tools to inform evidence-based planning and decision-making for HRH programs.

It is aimed at HRH practitioners, M&E practitioners, global health students and professionals, program planners, and policy-makers and does not require any prior experience or knowledge of M&E. Read more »

Featured News

Preferences for Working in Rural Clinics among Trainee Health Professionals in Uganda
Many countries struggle to ensure equitable distribution of their limited health workforce. Health workers often choose to accept posts in urban areas, leaving rural and remote communities with reduced access to health care. What should governments do to recruit and retain more health workers in the areas that need them most? Put another way, what are health workers really looking for in a job? Read more »
Dominican Republic Passes Law for Health Worker Careers
The Dominican Republic House of Representatives approved a bill for health worker careers, which had previously been approved by the Senate, making it a law. The Health Career Law is a legal, technical, and administrative framework that details the employment relationship between the government and health workers and classifies and ranks the salary and wage structure and job functions. Read more »
Addressing Health Workforce Challenges at the District Level in Uganda
While issues such as shortages and low productivity of health workers represent national concerns, their effects are most acutely felt in local communities. In the latest edition of CapacityPlus Voices, health workforce leaders share perspectives on a program designed to help them address their local health workforce challenges. Read more »

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