CapacityPlus NewsletterFebruary 2013
New HR Management Tool

Human resources management (HRM) is the integrated use of systems, policies, and practices that provide the range of functions needed to plan, produce, deploy, manage, and sustain the health workforce. HRM focuses on people: how they fit within a health system; how they are hired, trained, paid, and supported; and how they can be most effective.

A new tool is designed to guide policy-makers, managers, and human resources practitioners toward better understanding and responding to the HRM challenges facing their health systems.

The Human Resources Management Assessment Approach promotes the collection and analysis of information on defined HRM challenges and informs the development of policy, strategy, systems, and process interventions to respond to challenges in four key areas of HRM: health workforce planning and implementation, work environment and conditions, human resources information systems, and performance management. The approach aligns with and supports the use of the HRH Action Framework as a means of assessing and analyzing HRM issues in a comprehensive manner.

News and Views

How a Mobile Directory Is Helping Eliminate Unqualified Health Providers

The Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council aims to protect the health of Ugandans by requiring doctors and dentists to register and obtain an annual practicing license. Unfortunately, some of these health workers are not properly registered or do not hold a valid license. Worse, “quacks” are known to pose as medical practitioners and offer health services without the appropriate training. The council’s registrar shares how a new mobile directory is helping curtail these practices. Read more »

Addressing Shortages of Health Workers in Remote Areas

How can policy-makers formulate appropriate responses to address shortages of health workers in remote and rural areas? A new publication produced through close collaboration among the WHO, the World Bank, and CapacityPlus proposes an innovative methodology—the discrete choice experiment—for measuring the strength of health workers’ preferences related to different job characteristics that can influence their decision to accept and remain in rural posts. Read more »

iHRIS Software Included in WHO Compendium of Innovative Technologies

The WHO included iHRIS—the open source health workforce information software supported by CapacityPlus—in its new compendium of innovative health technologies. The compendium includes more than 30 eHealth solutions and medical devices selected for their suitability for use in low-resource settings. Read more »

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Motivation Spotlight

Given the complexity of the social, professional, and economic factors that influence motivation, how do institutions make rural job postings more attractive? While many recognize that salary is an important factor, other characteristics of a job—such as better living or working conditions, supportive supervision, opportunities for continuing professional development, career advancement, networking, and even public recognition—can improve a worker’s sense of purpose and productivity. Identifying and offering the right incentive package to workers can result in a win-win situation, with benefits for both the worker and the community served. Read more »

From Our Blog

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"I'm a Health Worker"

Dr. Aurelio Nuñez, Panama
Dr. Nuñez shares why he became a health worker and his hopes for increased access to ART.


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