CapacityPlus NewsletterOctober 2011
Taking Action Together on the Health Workforce

To help countries create effective partnerships to strengthen the health workforce, CapacityPlus published Guidelines for forming and sustaining human resources for health stakeholder leadership groups. It is now available in French and Spanish as well.

This tool is intended to help diverse stakeholders work together to plan and address health workforce issues in their country. It is now commonly accepted that to make effective progress on the health workforce, people from different organizations or even sectors must work together. While this may sound simple, this tool recognizes that it’s not necessarily easy to sustain this kind of cooperative work. Therefore these user-friendly guidelines provide a practical set of actions to successfully launch and sustain stakeholder leadership groups to promote cross-organizational or cross-sectoral cooperation.

CapacityPlus News

Creating Legislation for Health Careers in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, CapacityPlus is helping strengthen the human resources management systems needed for the health workforce to perform effectively. Part of this work includes developing new legislation for health worker career paths. With assistance from CapacityPlus and the Ministry of Public Administration, the Ministry of Public Health conducted a forum to review the draft legislation. Eighty-seven participants from national health associations, Congress, major political parties, and the Pan American Health Organization took part in the forum. Read more »
Highlighting Health Workers’ Contribution to Family Planning and Reproductive Health

From September 27-29, Partners in Population and Development Africa Regional Office (PPD ARO) hosted a Regional Meeting of the Southern and Eastern Africa Alliance of Parliamentary Committees on Health (SEAPACOH). Vincent Oketcho gave a well-received presentation on behalf of CapacityPlus titled “Health workers: Vital to family planning and reproductive health,” which represents a component of CapacityPlus’s work to expand access to tools and information that draw decision-makers’ attention to the importance of investing in the health workforce and advocating for improved national policies on human resources for health. Read more »

Introducing Carie Muntifering, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Advisor

Carie Muntifering joined IntraHealth International as monitoring, evaluation, and research advisor for CapacityPlus. "I’m really looking forward to being in Mali and doing the work there, and getting more involved in health systems strengthening. I love the fact that CapacityPlus and IntraHealth have a focus on gender and family planning/reproductive health within health systems strengthening, because those are areas I’m really interested in. Being able to integrate all those pieces will be exciting." Read more »

The CapacityPlus Partnership
IntraHealth International (lead partner), Abt Associates, IMA World Health, Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health (LATH), Training Resources Group, Inc. (TRG).

Associate Partners
African Population & Health Research Center (APHRC), Asia-Pacific Action Alliance on Human Resources for Health (AAAH), West African Institute of Post-Graduate Management Studies (CESAG), Partners in Population and Development (PPD).

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