Daniel Fast Devotional // Day 9 // January 13, 2015
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Daniel Fast Devotional - Day 9               January 13, 2015

by Chris Papazis // RC Teaching Pastor

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. ~1st Peter 5:8 (ESV)

On January 15th, 1987 on a mild winter day in Ft. Benning Georgia I began my Army career. 

The fun began with a group of Drill Sergeants yelling and screaming all kinds of things at me and my fellow recruits that are not suitable to be printed here. 

What my then 17 year old self didn’t realize was that they were beginning the time-proven process of tearing down recruits so they could build us into what Uncle Sam said we needed to become – U.S. Army fighting men.   

One saying that the Drill Sergeants began “drilling” into us was “Stay Alert – Stay Alive”.
They would make us yell it at the top of our lungs. “Stay Alert – Stay Alive, Drill Sergeant! Stay Alert – Stay Alive!” Just thinking about it causes a flashback that fills me with both nostalgia and nausea. 

Seriously though, almost 30 years of perspective has given me an appreciation for those words. 

They were telling us that paying attention just might save our lives.  Looking back I can say, both on the battlefield and in life, this advice (when taken) has served me well.  

When I have ignored it, I have paid for it. 

Peter here is acting like our spiritual Drill Sergeant. He is concerned for these new Christians, as well as all those who would read these words throughout the ages, including you and me. He knows firsthand that our enemy is looking to take people out. After all, Satan almost took him out the night of our Lord’s crucifixion, when he denied his master 3 times. Thankfully for him, Jesus stepped in and prevented Peter from being taken out. 

However, Peter never forgot that lesson and neither should we. 

Let’s take his advice and Stay Alert so we can be aware of, and therefore avoid the traps our enemy sets for us!

Prayer Point: Father, thank you for your Word that shines the light on all the schemes of our enemy and gives us advance warning so we can avoid these traps. You said that if we lack wisdom we could ask you for it and you would gladly give it, so we ask for wisdom now – In the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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