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Exciting News from Tri-Adventure!

Dear Tri-Adventurers,

Following Sam and Jonathan’s decision to sell late last year, I am proud and excited to announce that TRI-ADVENTURE is back in business!  We’re alive and kicking, and raring to go!

We already have THREE events lined up, and a range of other activities are being planned.  The three events are:

Details of these can be found on our website  Please note that we have had to change the online Entry System to go through SI Entries.
Don’t worry that there currently appears to be a lack of Adventure Racing events at the moment.  Our Sprint and Experience events are at the heart of our Company, and I am already speaking to venue providers to get this series re-established as soon as possible.  With these Adventure Races will come some courses to get rid of the navigation cobwebs that may have appeared as you’ve been waiting for this announcement!
My team and I will be running TRI-ADVENTURE on a full time basis.  I am really looking forward to renewing our links with past participants, as well as welcoming loads of new people who have not yet experienced a TRI-ADVENTURE event.
I have a background in organising and taking part in a variety of outdoor activities and events, including Adventure Racing, Endurance Running, Orienteering and Triathlons. In fact, I am a past participant in a Tri-Adventure Experience event!  So, I understand and appreciate why people take part in Adventure Racing, and what they want to get out of it.
I’m really happy to continue with Sam and Jonathan’s ethos and values as we build the company.  These will remain unchanged.  Not only that, but I’m sure we’ll see Jonathan taking part in one of the events he created, and Sam’s familiar smile welcoming participants back at the Finish Line!
So, get your kit together and come and join in our events. 

Details are on Twitter and Facebook and, of course, on our website
It’s great to be back!

We look forward to seeing you soon.