Holiday craft fairs and crafters and local talent.
The Happy Girl Kitchen Co. Carefully Curated Craft Fair this SUNDAY and MORE!
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The joy of getting + giving gifts!


This past weekend we did the holiday craft show in Big Sur.  I was reminded of the JOY of shopping for holiday gifts.  The energy that is exchanged when you buy from a local person in your community who made something by hand is far greater than anything you can buy that is made in a far away country.  I started to think about giving gifts that are a true joy to give and that they must be a joy to make, buy or trade for.  How sweet to give your daughter a pair of home made slippers from your friend, rather than a pair bought at a box store or on line.  To be able to think of those crafters as you give the gift and to think of them every time you see it worn or used.  This is community.  This is what keeping your dollars local is about.  I have started to think of all the local people that I want to support this holiday season and then I just have to think of people to match up with those producers!  You will have such a chance this SUNDAY, December 8th from 10-4pm in Pacific Grove.  We have CAREFULLY CURATED a group of local artists to delight you in your holiday shopping.  Local talents include and are not limited to:  glasswork, ceramics and pottery, knitting and crocheting,  baking, preserving, air plants, candles and cordials, kids corner, printmaking, paintings and MORE!!!  We are really going to pack it in to the cafe.  Please come and enjoy the live music and cozy atmosphere.  It is going to be fun and you will have a chance to connect with your community in a new way!

Also, after the fair there is a concert up the street of our good friends Anne and Pete Sibley at Evolution Studio!

We are also going to be up in the Bay Area at the KPFA craft fair on Saturday and Sunday, December 14th and 15th for all of our friends who are going to be up there!!!  See you then. 

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2014 Workshops and Events


December 8 - Holiday Craft Fair in Pacific Grove 10-4pm
December 31 - Pickle your resolutions in Pacific Grove 6-9pm


January 4 - Terrariums and Tillandsias in Pacific Grove, 3-6pm, $75 
January 5 - Orchid Rehab in Pacific Grove, 3-6pm, $75 
January 8 - New Years Resolution: Self Care & Healthy Eating, 6-8:30, $75 
January 11 - Marmalade making, Oakland 10-2pm, $135 
January 12 - Advanced Marmalades and Other Citrus Preserves, Oakland, 10-2pm, $135 
January 14 - Marmalade making, Pacific Grove 5-8pm, $95 
January 29 - Well Being Workshop:  Better Eating to Detox and Love your Liver.  Pacific Grove, 6-8:30, $65
January 31 - Marmalade Making, SF Flour + Water, 10-2pm, $135
February 1 - Marmalade Making, Cavallo Point in Sausalito, $135
February 8 - Wholesome Sweets: Valentines Edition, Pacific Grove 10am-1pm, $85
February 11 - Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kombucha and Kvass, Pacific Grove, 5-8pm, $95
February 15 - Pickles - 3 different ways!  Oakland, 10-2pm, $135
February 16 - Ferment Fever!  Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Kombucha,  Oakland, 10-2pm, $135
February 25 - Pickles - 3 different ways!  Pacific Grove, 5-8pm, $95
March 12 - Nutritious Delicious Sweets: Spring Cleaning, Pacific Grove 6-8:30pm, $65
March 15 - Syrups, Shrubs, Infusions and Candied Peels, Cavallo Point, $135
March 16 - Syrups, Shrubs, Infusions and Candied Peels, SF Flour + Water, 10-2pm, $135
March 22 -  Syrups, Shrubs, Infusions and Candied Peels, Oakland, 10-2pm $135
March 25 - Syrups, Shrubs, Infusions and Candied Peels, Pacific Grove, 5-8pm, $95


Give them what they want!!!

Happy Girl Kitchen Co. makes it EASY on you.  We have arranged all sorts of gift boxes with cute packaging so that your holiday shopping can be fun, feel good and taste delicious!  We ship anywhere in the US and order by December 20th for it to get there by Christmas. 
You can order the following gift boxes on our website RIGHT HERE!!!!

Emergency Bloody Mary Kit  $24
 Everyone needs one!  It is great with or without the kick.  Comes with a Spicy Tomato juice, Spicy Carrots and dry farmed tomato juice.  Comes with recipes for a “Bloody Englishman” and a “Bloody Maria”
Fire Cracker   $24
 Spice it up with this gift box!  It includes our wildly popular Spicy Tomato juice, Wildly Spicy Peppers and Spicy Bread and Butter Zucchini pickles.  It is a party just waiting to happen.  
Lil’of Each  $24
The best of all worlds - sweet, savory and tomato goodness all packed into one perfect package.  The lil' of each box contains Garden Bouquet Pickles, Raspberry jam, and our famous Dry Farmed Tomato juice.  This is a nice variety box to send a bit of sunshine for the holidays!
Marmalade Madness  $38
This is a fun mix for the marmalade lover of 4 different of our favorite marmalades!  It comes with an 8 oz jar of Orange and Meyer Lemon Marmalades and a 4 oz jar of each Lime and Three Fruit Marmalade.  YUM and FUN!   Give the gift of award winning marmalade!
One Tasty Tomato   $24
 This gift box gives you delicious, ripe tomatoes in a few very different ways; Preserved Dry farmed tomatoes, Spicy Tomato Juice and Crushed Heirlooms.  With these tomatoes in the cupboard any ordinary dish turns gourmet!  The Preserved Dry Farmed Tomatoes are perfect on bruschetta and the juice can be used as a dressing or marinade. The spicy tomato juice is world famous and ready to add kick to whatever needs it.  The Crushed Heirloom tomatoes are a sacred ingredient to any dish.  
Pickle Party Pack  $24
Pickles are the perfect thing to bring to a party or potluck.  They brighten the mood and enliven the conversation.  This box includes Spicy Carrots, Bread and butter zucchini and pickled beets.  3 colors that pop and add life to the long winter!  
Sweet California  $36
 A collection of our favorite sweets highlighting the fruits from the California Coast.  You will receive one jar of 8 oz strawberry, 8 oz of raspberry jam, 4 oz of spreadable membrillo and 2 oz of Big Sur Marmalade.  
Sweet Tooth  $36
 Having a Sweet Tooth can be a good thing when you dive into our high fruit/ low sugar jams!  The are all organic and locally sourced and the flavor is impeccable.  This box will be filled with 1 jar each of Raspberry, apricot and Strawberry jam.  DELISH!  
Tomato Sampler  $24
 Crushed Heirloom Tomatoes, Crushed Dry Farmed Tomatoes and our world famous Spicy Tomato Juice....The perfect trio.  This gift box is for the tomato lover.  Tomatoes that are jarred fresh and ripe are so amazing.  You can really taste the difference and these tomatoes will brighten your winter days.  Taste the sunshine!
Drinking Cordial Box  $18
I am declaring 2014 the year of the Shrub!  Shrubs are a cordial that includes fruit juice, vinegar, sugar or honey and herbs or spices.  They are the most refreshing thing I have ever tasted and I always have a little bottle sitting on my desk for the afternoon pick me up.  They are wonderful with sparkling water (you can add 2 oz of shrub to 8 oz of sparkling water).  They also can be added to make all sorts of cocktails and are a party waiting to happen with or without the kick.  This box will include 1 bottle each of Grape Shrub, Quince Shrub and Apple Shrub.

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