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DEC 17TH + 24TH!

Farmers markets changed our lives, it's an interesting story, so here goes!

I came out to California to discover sustainable agriculture in the epicenter of all things organic! My mission, having apprenticed on organic farms in Vermont and Scandinavia, was to figure out how to bring community supported agriculture to the people and diversify small farm production. It was during the epic summer of 1997, following a year at the University of Santa Cruz, that my destiny unfolded. In that one summer I met my future wife Jordan and farming legend Andy Griffin of Happy Boy Farms.  Andy trained me at the Ferry Plaza farmers market on Green Street one early-morning and as it turned out my wife and I went on to work with Happy Boy Farms for the next five years coordinating and managing 40 (!) farmers markets around the Bay Area.

While working on the farm we had unbridled access to huge quantities of surplus ingredients as all post market vegetables we're going to waste in our mountainous compost pile. Living in a teepee at the edge of the farm fields next to the river (with 'Moondog', our black labrador) we started experimenting with canning projects like pickles, salsas and jams. We built the 'Pickle Shack' in a small outbuilding on the farm where we packed our goods until discovered by the state health inspector... who encouraged us and we moved to the local Aromas Grange Hall kitchen.For 10 years now we've traveled from Monterey to the F

The small farm revolution was well underway and community supported agriculture was gaining traction but still there were very few value added producers making organic products on farm.

It seemed obvious that everyone wanted to eat local, but doing so year-round is a challenge because what are you doing when tomato season is over? So we made salsa, crushed tomatoes, and Bloody Mary Mix to help people endure the long California Winters. Our joke became that Happy Girl Kitchen is always in season!  

Ferry Plaza farmers market on Saturdays to share our handmade organic and locally sourced preserved pickles, jams, marmalades, tomato products, ferments and famous lavender lemonade.  I love the camaraderie from all of our market neighbors. 

Farmers markets are the front lines for engaging the public in a show + tell that's delicious and a challenge to the overpackaged and over plasticized industrial food regime.  It's street theater and engaging with people to help change the food system one farmers market at a time has been a very powerful experience. But now Happy Girl Kitchen has a café and cannery open every day in Monterey  - just a few blocks from the world-famous Monterey Bay aquarium, where we have the chance to feed people wholesome meal's with 100% of the ingredients sourced from local farms on our central coast- EVERY DAY! The ripple effects are huge.  Offering people a powerful choice in how they spend their dollars and create change in the food system continues to drive our vision. 

I could go on and on . . . but if you're interested look out for happy girl kitchen's upcoming book!

Everyone's a rebel that chooses to start their own business and challenge the ordinary with their extraordinary effort and courage in the future.

I'm very honored to have met and worked with so many beautiful people at the market and our family will miss the weekly reunion's – but anytime you are all welcome to visit our café & cannery open every day here in Monterey!

Happy Girl Kitchen 173 Central Ave., Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Open every day 7:30 AM to 5 PM

Serving breakfast and lunch with a full coffee bar!

2017 Workshops and Events 


JANUARY 5 - Teen cooking - Italian night part 1 of 4 in the series.

Pacific Grove 5-8 pm  $95

JANUARY 12 - Teen cooking - sauces, spreads and sandwiches part 2 of 4 in the series. Pacific Grove 5-8 pm $95

JANUARY 17 - Fermentation Workshop! Sauerkraut, Kimchi and pickles. Pacific Grove 5-8 pm $95

JANUARY 19 - Teen cooking - wraps, sushi and spring rolls part 3 of 4 in the series. Pacific Grove 5-8 pm $95

JANUARY 25 - Citrus 4 different ways in Pacific Grove 5-8pm $95

JANUARY 26 - Teen cooking - Beans and grains - the staples of eating cheap and well! part 4 of 4 in the series. Pacific Grove 5-8 pm $95

JANUARY 5-26 - Teen cooking series 4 weeks. Discounted rate for all four in the series! Pacific Grove 5-8 pm  $345


FEBRUARY 16 - Pickles 3 different ways crunchy and delicious.

Pacific Grove 5-8pm  $95 

FEBRUARY 27 - Marmalades = flavor construction.  Pacific Grove 5-8pm $95



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