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I Got Lucky

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. ~Seneca

I have news.  I’m really excited about it, too.  First, a little back story…

On St. Patrick’s Day of 2007, I was flipping channels on the TV and came across a show called Mission Organization.  I was snug and warm in my corporate job but I was mesmerized by the sight of a professional organizer working with her client.  Watching television that day presented me with an opportunity.  I discovered that there was a profession dedicated to helping others get organized.  Could I do this for a living?

To answer that question, I enrolled in a program for entrepreneurs at a local university, wrote a business plan, sought advice from trusted colleagues, and joined the National Association of Professional Organizers.  In July of 2007, I quit my corporate job and MBG Organizing Solutions was born.  I have enjoyed a successful, profitable business from day one.  I have been very lucky.

So, here’s my news…

My business, my products and services, and me along with them, have been acquired by Sandler Training of Chattanooga.

What an opportunity!  I get to do the things I love to do, work with great colleagues, and serve my clients in ways I never imagined.  I will still be coaching, training, and consulting just as I have been since 2007 but under a different banner.  

Did I get lucky?  Absolutely yes – preparation met opportunity.  

Are you prepared for opportunity?

Opportunities are often surprises, but if you are completely unprepared, then chances are the opportunities will pass.  

Things You Need to Get Lucky:
  • An updated resume, reviewed and edited by a trusted colleague
  • A LinkedIn profile that is keyword-rich with a professional look and feel
  • A development plan to improve your knowledge, skills, and abilities in areas in which you are currently weak
  • A trusted coach or mentor who is readily available as a sounding board
  • An appointment on your calendar every few weeks to assess career opportunities in and outside of your company
  • A network of professionals in your community and industry with whom you have established mutual trust
  • A personal financial plan that includes short-term, intermediate, and long-term savings and investments.  Contact me if you want the name of my financial advisor – I highly recommend him.
  • A support network who can help you fulfill personal obligations

If you are a business owner, you will also need a business coach, a lawyer, documented processes, and very organized systems for managing your company clients, information, and intellectual property.  Remember, preparation plus opportunity creates luck.

So what’s next for me?
  1. I will be reaching out with my new contact information in the next few weeks and months.  
  2. You’ll see changes in my social media presence and website.  I will continue to share productivity tips on Twitter, so please follow @melissagratias if you don’t already do so.
  3. This newsletter will eventually be shelved, but I will continue writing for the Sandler newsletter.  Please sign up for it here.

Preparation + Opportunity = Luck.  How will you prepare for your opportunities today?

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