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Don’t Pee on Every Mailbox

By Melissa Gratias, Ph.D. 

In 2019, the National Center for Youth Issues published my children’s storybook, Seraphina Does Everything. In 2020, volume two of the book could have been titled, Seraphina Does Virtual School. In 2021, I would have written Seraphina Does Generalized Anxiety Disorder.


In 2022, I imagine the book might be called, Seraphina Really Wants Things to Go Back to Normal Again. But, spoiler alert, even if the world magically reverted to normal, Seraphina is a different person.


There is a generation of Americans known as “Depression Babies.” My grandfather kept the same dollar in his wallet for the rest of his life so that he could buy a po’ boy sandwich if he got hungry. Ms. Ida, my step great-grandmother (or something like that) saved boxes and boxes of hair. I found them in her cellar after she died. Those who lived during the 10-year period following the stock market crash of 1929 were permanently changed.

We are “Pandemic People.” I believe that those of us living through during this time will be different for the rest of our lives. Some of these changes may be for the better, some changes may be less…better. Only time will tell.


We need a moniker to overly simplify the collective trauma we have experienced. So, Pandemic People is as good as anything.


One thing that I have learned as a Pandemic Person is that I cannot and should not attempt to “do it all.” I have learned to be proud of myself for simple and focused accomplishments. I have learned to blog when I want to, rest when my body wants it, and devote my time to things I love.


My teenage son told the nurse giving him his COVID booster shot, “Life is short.” Of course, this was his response when asked whether he wanted the sparkly band aid or the plain one. Apparently, life is too short for plain band aids.


My friend Idell has learned something similar. On January 1st of this year, she found an insightful way to convey her Pandemic Person philosophy on Facebook…



Don’t pee on every mailbox. You’ll ruin a perfectly good walk.


Because, like this blog post, life is short.


Choose the sparkly band aid.


Choose one place to pee. Void your bladder. Then enjoy the day.


After all, we are Pandemic People…


PP for short.

My name is Dobby. I don’t pee on mailboxes.

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