Protecting the Planet Newsletter: BIOPAMA and World Ranger Day
  7 August 2015
A new strategy to support the Promise of Sydney has been completed. The IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas has produced a new Strategic Framework for Capacity Development in Protected Areas and other Conserved Territories 2015-2025. A suite of protected areas capacity development programmes and products will assist countries to more effectively and equitably manage their systems of protected areas, and enhance their ability to meet the Aichi Targets. (version française)
Buffaloes in Park W © Jean de Dieu Ilboudo
"W" National Park Burkina Faso
A recent training workshop was organized through BIOPAMA to support the work of the Observatory for Protected Areas and Biodiversity. It provided the opportunity for the analysis of protected area data from the WAP Complex, including W National Park, using the recently developed pilot Protected Area Management Effectiveness (PAME) form. The form will guide protected area managers to identify key issues for management attention, and make provision for developing management objectives. (version française)
Tricia performing a Lionfish Awareness dance © St Kitts Tourism Authority
inspiring pEOPLE
Dance and environmental awareness go hand in hand
Tricia Greaux is a certified marine protected area manager, who serves on several committees geared towards establishing the first Marine Managed Area in her home country, St Kitts and Nevis. A natural dancer, choreographer, and certified cultural and creative entrepreneur, Tricia is a firm believer in bringing community awareness on societal and environmental issues through dance. She also benefited from two BIOPAMA Caribbean capacity development training programmes. (version française)
Graduates of the negotiation training of trainers © BIOPAMA Photo Library
inspiring SOLUTIONS
Capacity development for protected area management in academic curricula
The University of Seychelles is preparing negotiation modules to include in their Governance and Stakeholder Engagement Course. This initiative is being led by three graduates of the BIOPAMA’s Negotiation Skills Training of Trainers. It responds to a  demand for short courses for managers and park rangers to complement their practical experience. The innovative approach to develop soft skills for protected area management will be published as an Inspiring Protected Area Solution case study on the Panorama platform. (version française)
Field ranger keeping a close watch over a wild rhino © Chris Galliers
world ranger day
Unsung heroes of conservation
World Ranger Day commemorates those rangers killed or injured in the line of duty, and celebrates the work of rangers to protect the world’s natural and cultural treasures. "We take our hats off to the many rangers around the world who risk their lives to protect our planet’s most precious natural areas”, IUCN Director General Inger Andersen stated on this occasion. IUCN’s partners, the International Ranger Federation, the Green Thin Line Foundation and the ICCA Consortium, also conveyed their messages, drawing attention to the many who conserve while facing many dangers.
hot off the press
An IUCN analysis of terrestrial and freshwater fauna in West and Central Africa
This new IUCN report evaluates the state of West and Central Africa’s terrestrial and freshwater fauna and highlights the inadequacy of responses to rapid wildlife decline in the region. Improved legislation and much more effective protection is urgently required to meet international targets for protected areas and halting biodiversity loss. The report was produced with support from BIOPAMA and SOS-Save our Species. (version française)
Elephants in Serengeti National Park © BIOPAMA Photo Library
A new version of the BIOPAMA website is now available in French and can be accessed at The new updates bring the BIOPAMA news closer to our French-speaking audiences in Africa, Caribbean, and the Pacific (ACP) countries, and worldwide. Other highlights include the provision of a search function and a new focus on the 2 pillars of the BIOPAMA work on protected areas: the Observatories for Protected Areas and Biodiversity and the Capacity Development programmes. (version française)
Doñana NP © J.M.Perez de Ayala/ CENEAM-MMA
Doñana NP, Spain, Green Listed
One of the most biodiverse areas in Europe – Doñana National Park and Natural Reserve – was added to the IUCN Green List of Protected Areas on 22 July 2015 in recognition of the successful conservation efforts of its managers. Doñana is the 24th protected area to be added to the Green List and joins Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park as the second of Spain's areas receiving this recognition.
Rangers in Virunga NP © Jim Thorsell
Time to protect rangers in DRC’s World Heritage sites
Protecting natural World Heritage is a noble but life-threatening cause in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This year so far, 19 brave defenders of nature have lost their lives while fighting to save elephants in Garamba and Virunga National Parks – two of Africa’s oldest national parks. In facing the grim reality of human loss among park rangers, we must rethink solutions to the blight of elephant poaching, says Youssouph Diedhiou of IUCN Central and West Africa. (version française)
Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania © Christine Mentzel
Data management tool for East Africa 
Beneficiaries and users of the Reference Information System (RRIS) for the East African Community Region had the opportunity to learn about and engage with the newly developed protected area online data management tool. The RRIS will be continue to develop and respond to the needs of users from the EAC partner countries and diverse environment-related organisations.(version française)
Caribbean terrestrial PA management training © BIOPAMA Photo Library
Capacity boosted for Caribbean terrestrial protected areas
It is estimated that approximately 22 per cent of the land mass in the English-speaking Caribbean is designated as protected areas. Twenty-five professionals tasked with the important job of protecting many of these important resource areas have just completed a one week training programme presented by BIOPAMA and CANARI. This workshop is part of a series for developing skills that BIOPAMA is supporting in the Caribbean. (version française)
Upolu Island, Samoa © Helen Pippard
Protected and conserved areas agenda advanced
BIOPAMA’s commitment to facilitating regional co-ordination and information sharing has been advanced markedly at the Protected Areas Working Group and the IUCN Oceania Conservation Forum. Pledges were made regarding data information, sharing and management for developing the Regional Reference Information System (RRIS) and the Pacific Islands Protected Areas Portal (PIPAP). (version française)
© UNPFII Photos
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