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15 aUGust 2013

Iraq's first national park announced 
In a historic first, Iraq announced the creation of its first national park, Mesopotamia Marshland National Park, in July 2013.  The park designation process, which began in 2006, created the new protected area with the vision “Water, Reeds and People”, and three main objectives.
Koala, French Island National Park, Australia ©Parks Australia 
WPC 2014 
IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 website goes live 
Another step towards advancing inspiring solutions for today’s conservation and development challenges has been taken with the launch of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 website.  The website, which will continue to develop as the Congress progresses towards its November 12, 2014 opening in Sydney, Australia, details the Congress programme, streams and themes and how you can get involved, along with background information on IUCN, past Congresses, and our hosts and partners, Parks Australia and the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service. 

A ranger census team in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda ©Jamie Kemsey
Inspiring people
IUCN celebrates World Ranger Day, as Prince William salutes park rangers’ “brave and tireless work”
IUCN joined to celebrate the outstanding efforts of park rangers around the globe on the occasion of World Ranger Day. Thanks to their bravery and dedication, nature’s most inspiring places stand a chance in the face of menacing threats, such as illegal poaching or forest clearing.
Herder in Central Mongolia ©Marie Fischborn
Inspiring Places 
The Serengeti of the East - East Daurian Steppe, Mongolia
The Daurian Steppe, stretching across Russia, Mongolia and China, is one of the last great unspoiled grazing ecosystems in the world, comparable to Tanzania’s Serengeti. The jewel of this grassland is Mongolia’s Eastern Steppe, home to over a million Mongolian gazelles – the last large population of migrating ungulates in Asia. 
Loch Garten Osprey Centre entrance, Scotland ©Sue Stolton
Inspiring Solutions 
New private protected area study underway
A new research project funded by the Linden Trust is collecting evidence about the extent and variety of private protected areas (PPAs) around the world. The project, which is collaborating closely with IUCN-WCPA, will be building up a series of national and themed case studies, working with in-country partners. Anyone with information to share or questions about the project should contact: Sue Stolton at sue@equilibriumresearch.com
Lovcen National Park, Montenegro ©Jamie Kemsey 
Save the date
Europarc Conference 2013, 9-13 October, Debrecen, Hungary 
The focus for Europarc 2013 will be the management of protected areas.  The lectures, thematic excursions and related workshops will deal with numerous aspects of the topic, such as management planning, rehabilitation of natural habitats, species conservation, the fight against invasive species and the funding of these activities. 

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania ©Christine Mentzel
Protected Areas as a Legitimate Land Use 
The implementation of the BIOPAMA Capacity Building Programme in Eastern and Southern Africa, and in particular the work of the Regional Observatories in the region, will be centred around the theme of land use conflict and integrated land use planning.
Tiger and tourists in Ranthambore National Park, India ©Jamie Kemsey 
Following up 
Logo Competition
IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS) is looking for a logo which can be used as a recognizable brand in their communications and publications.  They seek a logo that reflects the Tourism and Protected Areas components of the group, and which looks appropriate in conjunction with the IUCN and WCPA logos.  Design submissions are welcome between now and 30 August 2013, from both members and non-members of the TAPAS group.  Please send your logo direct to annaspencely@gmail.com and Ron Mader at editor@planeta.com.

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