Protecting the Planet Newsletter: Inspiring conservation success
In May 2010, 16 year-old Australian sailor Jessica Watson became the youngest person to sail non-stop and unassisted around the world. Today, as a Champion of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014, Jessica describes how she developed her taste for outdoor adventures and why these inspired her to protect the ocean.  
IUCN world parks congress 2014
With registrations now exceeding 3500 participants, the IUCN World Parks Congress is set to break all records as the largest gathering of protected area professionals ever…register now, exhibit, run a parallel event or achieve recognition as a sponsor.
Bali Barat National Park
© Mikaku CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
inspiring places
Bali's secret bounty
One of Indonesia’s most alluring attractions, which has so far managed to escape the hustle and bustle of the tourist trail, is the breath-taking Bali Barat National Park. Established with the aim to protect the Wild Banteng and the Bali Starling, one of Asia’s most elegant birds, the park comprises mountains and extinct volcanoes, rainforest and mangrove, dry savannah, sandy beaches and coral reefs that together contribute to the biodiversity richness of the area.
Elaine Hsiao
inspiring people
Interview with Elaine Hsiao and Sudeep Jana, Co Vice-Chairs of IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas' Young Professionals' Group
As co-leaders of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 stream on 'Inspiring a New Generation', Elaine Hsiao and Sudeep Jana share their passion for protected areas and explain why their stream is essential to achieve the Congress' goals. Check out the interviews by clicking on their names. You can learn more about WPCA's Young Professionals' Group on the link below.
Audience applause
© Oliver Hensel Brown
respecting people
Sulawesi youth find their power in conservation
What can a bunch of kids do against poachers? Earlier this year, something wonderful took place in Tompotika, Sulawesi, with high school students championing the cause of local wildlife including the endemic and endangered maleo bird. The students created an original drama that was performed in front of enthusiastic crowds, and even wrote a letter to the police asking them to enforce the laws protecting maleos. Their efforts ultimately put an end to local maleo poaching.
© Erlinda Kartika
inspiring solutions
Storytelling helps understanding tiger-human conflicts
An exciting new project is using storytelling and participatory video as powerful educational tools to help school children and adults in Indonesia understand tiger-human conflicts. With support from The Rufford Foundation, this project tries to tackle the lack of knowledge about tigers and their importance in the ecosystem.
Mount Kilimanjaro © Elena Osipova
world heritage
Capturing the essence of natural World Heritage: Q&A
Young professional Elena Osipova, World Heritage Monitoring Officer at IUCN, talks about the World Heritage Outlook, one of IUCN’s latest and most exciting innovations. The new system provides assessments, for the first time, of all 228 natural World Heritage sites and their potential to maintain their values over time.
After launching the user-friendly in June in Doha at the 38th World Heritage Committee meeting, IUCN will present a report with global and regional results at the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014.
Uto Ni Yalo
© Uto Ni Yalo Trust
Canoe voyage delivering key message about protected areas in the Pacific
The ‘Mua: Guided by Nature’ canoe voyage to Sydney for the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 is a compelling and striking way of conveying and advocating the importance of the Pacific’s protected areas to the world – and that is one reason why the BIOPAMA programme is lending support. The voyage draws attention to the stand made by many Pacific Island leaders who have pledged millions of square kilometres towards protecting marine areas, while Pacific Island communities drive local action to secure and sustain livelihoods.
Tibetan cowboy © James Hardcastle
Great haul of China
Three of China’s top performing protected areas are currently developing full nominations for consideration on the new IUCN Green List of Protected Areas that will be launched at the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 in Sydney this November.
Here is a snapshot of the three nominees: Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park, Nanpeng Islands National Nature Reserve and Jiduansha Wetlands Reserve.
CoalitionWILD Pushing Boundaries Challenge - Share your story!
In anticipation of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014, CoalitionWILD, in collaboration with WCPA Young Professionals, has launched a challenge to find out how young people are working to support protected areas around the world. Submissions can be in the form of documents, videos, art, songs...and here’s the fun part: there are lots of prizes! Two participants will even receive sponsorship to attend the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014!
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