E-Book: The Brutality of Mountain Dog Training
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The Brutality of Mountain Dog Training
A How-To Guide and Scientific Perspective

The Brutality of Mountain Dog Training is a new e-book by John Meadows and Scott Stevenson, PhD.
Here is a peak at what you'll find inside:
  • The simple step-by-step instruction of incorporating a 4 Phase approach into your training...
    I'll show you exactally where to start and how to progress the training parameters to ensure maximum growth.

  • A simple tip I use with my athletes to trigger high levels of mental discipline - the type of spartan resolve necessary to garner a winning physique.
  • How you can incorporate advanced training techniques, like drop sets and forced reps, into your program without running yourself into the ground.
  • A killer technique for pushing your leg training to it's limits. I picked this one up from Tom Platz himself and it undoubtedly played a part in how he got such spectacular wheels.
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