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Beach Days!

My family just wrapped up a few days on the New Hampshire and Massachusetts Seacoast ! My husband and oldest daughter, who was back home from Pennsylvania, tried surfing! We took another day on the ocean to whale watch and it was a success. We saw a couple of humpback whales and a really interesting and HUGE ocean sunfish.

One of the best parts of our beach week was getting to catch up with an old friend who took me to 1640 Hart House, a great restaurant. It was fun to dine under the tent and we remarked that it was like being at a wedding. Old friends are pure gold! I had delicious pan seared salmon on a warm macro bowl that included the best pickled onions. This inspired me to ferment some red onion myself. Since I make sauerkraut now and again I had everything I needed.

I’m planning to share a tasty new recipe with you mid-month so my newsletters stay short and sweet. I know we are all busy and time is valuable.

Keep it Simple

In keeping with simple summer menus, I have been having my share of salads (click here for some ideas) and wraps - it’s a no-cook zone on hot days. Right now, I am enjoying sprouted buns and wraps from Angelic Bakehouse. They offer a variety of breads and ready to go pizza crusts too. Their products feature all natural, sprouted, whole grain goodness that taste amazing and the company is committed to intentional acts of kindness. I have no affiliation with these products but it’s always fun to share great finds. You can even order on Amazon and have the breads delivered fresh!

In the workout department I’ve been enjoying Bret Contreras’ online programming. Again, no affiliation but I have been seeing remarkable strength gains for both my daughter and me! I’ve been following Bret since he was a PhD candidate and have kept up with his career through his books and online community. I’ve dabbled in his programming for years since it is truly evidence based. During the COVID shut down my daughter and I began his programming in earnest. I highly recommend his fun, result driven programming for women. He gives plenty of options for those without home gym equipment! Maintaining and building muscle mass is the best plan for all women, especially as we age. Resistance training helps bone remodeling, balance, body composition, weight loss, and lowers the risk of osteoporosis.

Two weeks of training!

During the first two weeks of August I will be immersed in all day training! I am excited to get more learning underway but I will be unavailable to book sessions with clients on weekdays for these two weeks. I will, however, have more evening and weekend hours to accommodate my clients during this time.

Recently, I completed continuing education on nutrition’s role in fertility, raising healthy eaters, and nutrition for menopause and beyond. The bottom line is that the principles of a balanced diet and physical activity during any stage of life reduce the risk of chronic disease and impact overall health. It is exciting to see so much science behind how we move and what we chose to add to our diets.

10 Nutrition Tips for Playing it Cool in August. Kid and Adult Friendly 😊

  1. Watermelon slices or cubes served as the base of a fruit salad is cool, hydrating, and refreshing. Mix your favorite fruits and berries. For extra fun carve your watermelon into a shape to serve up the salad – my girls loved sharks and hedgehogs! Try taking the kids berry, apple, and peach picking they will enjoy eating the “fruits” of their labor.

  2. Serve fruit kebabs as dessert – kids have fun making fruit sequences on a stick.

  3. Keep the heat out of the kitchen with grilling. Grilled fruits can make a nice dessert or add on. Try grilled peaches served with vanilla yogurt, or grilled pineapple which is great with BBQ or in a whole grain salad.

  4. Serve fruit as a plain snack alongside a few nuts and a cheese stick for staying power. A bowl of fresh, just ripe, whole fruit in the center of your kitchen is a nice reminder to grab some for snacking on your way out of the house.

  5. Treat your family to something special; spa water! Try adding…

    Fruit – orange, lemon, lime, pear, apple, grapefruit.

    Herbs- mint, basil, ginger, thyme.

    Veggies - fennel or cucumber.

  6. Wraps and sandwiches are a perfect dinner. Summer bonus eat as a picnic!

  7. Create a protein packed salad. Canned tuna, salmon and crab are easy “add-on” omega-3 rich options. Hard boiled eggs, diced tofu, and rinsed canned beans are vegetarian quick and cool protein choices.

  8. Get creative with Coleslaw! It isn't just for cabbage, carrots, and mayo anymore! Use brussels sprouts, colorful carrots, broccoli, red cabbage, green cabbage, kale, scallions, jicama, and any favorite veggies. Shred the veggies and then mix with a fat and an acid to create an easy dressing. Fats: olive oil, toasted sesame oil, peanut butter, sunflower oil, hot sesame oil. Acids: Lemon juice, lime juice, white wine vinegar, cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar

  9. Bean salads are another great no cook option, toss on a bed of greens and grains and you have a filling entrée.

  10. Try a cold soup. I introduced gazpacho early to my daughters and they love it! Other options are borscht, cucumber dill soup, chilled avocado, or vichyssoise! I’ve also seen cold fruit based soups if that is your style. I’m more into the savory soups myself. A big batch of soup can serve you all week long.

Got questions?

If you would like help managing your own nutrition get in touch. Fall is a the perfect time to establish new habits. I love helping people increase their energy, feel comfortable in their own skin, and normalize their biomarkers through wholesome nutrition! Please share my newsletter with anyone who might benefit from nutrition tips from a registered dietitian.

I accept Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, FSA/HSA accounts, and private pay.

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