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November 18

3 Headlines you shouldn't miss

Amazon Prime Video is going global next month to take on Netflix

Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation because 2016 isn’t weird enough already

Apple reportedly considering building iPhones in the US instead of China

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Hello from Brooklyn, New York!

What a week it’s been! On Wednesday, we hosted the TNW NYC conference here in Brooklyn.

Dennis Crowley (of Foursquare fame), Cal Henderson (co-founder of Slack), Reddit co-founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, and many more joined forces to present topics based on this year’s theme: momentum. From revenue to usage to traffic, each presenter touched on certain aspect of company growth. The talks were amazing.

Besides the main theme, another topic seemed to emerge – that behind every company, we all experience the exact same issues.

You might see someone else doing great, and from the outside, it seems they are super organized and have their shit together. And then you look at your own life and see nothing but chaos. The same can be said about your company. It might look smooth from the outside but on the inside, you’re dealing with every issue imaginable, and you don’t know where to start so you can fix them.

Listening to these seasoned entrepreneurs all day made me realize, once again, that every company goes through the same challenging times and nothing is ever easy nor merely an accident. That’s both daunting and frightening, but what a relief! We’re all human and vulnerable and making things up as we go. And that’s completely normal.

Boris Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
CEO and Managing Editor
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Apps of the week

Fingerprint Gestures

Fingerprint Gestures for Android lets you do more than just unlock your phone


WhatsApp is bringing video call support to Android, iOS and Windows phones


Google’s new PhotoScan app makes saving your old prints ridiculously easy

Red faces of the week

Strange Facebook bug shows certain users as dead — including Mark Zuckerberg

A strange Facebook bug spotted by Business Insider shows a memorial message sitting atop profiles that informs friends and families a user has died. The message reads:

We hope people who love [User] will find comfort in the things other share to remember and celebrate his life.

The message also includes a link to a Facebook form to set up an account for a deceased person as a memorial account.


It’s not affecting everyone, so it’s unclear at this time how widespread the bug is, or what’s causing it. Business Insider reports it has seen the message on CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s account, but we haven’t been able to spot it ourselves. In fact, we haven’t spotted it at all — so it seems to be a problem that’s not affecting the platform globally.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for clarification.

[Update] A Facebook representative responded with the following:

For a brief period today, a message meant for memorialized profiles was mistakenly posted to other accounts. This was a terrible error that we have now fixed. We are very sorry that this happened and we worked as quickly as possible to fix it.

>A Facebook bug is telling people that they are dead on Business Insider

3 Features you shouldn't miss

It’s time to stop complaining about the MacBook Pro’s ports

The FBI likely ran nearly half the child porn sites on the dark web in 2016

The best things about the Surface Studio won’t even be made by Microsoft

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