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October 14

3 Headlines you shouldn't miss

Google’s beautiful new free font covers 800+ languages

This is why it’s always 9:41 in Apple product photos

Facebook launches Workplace – its attempt at a ‘Slack for Enterprises’

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The Virgin America $1000 Giveaway

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I love a good story

I love the theatrics behind a good story, and I enjoy telling them as well.

Stories ignite our imagination and bring clarity where they may have been none. They let us leap over cultural walls.  

It’s imperative that entrepreneurs be good storytellers. When you’re selling your product or service, you’ll need to pitch and explain it a million times – and the best way to do that is with a great narrative.

Stories need to be true, or as close to the truth as possible. But sometimes every day anecdotes can be improved upon when an element of embellishment is added. Or you shift the timeline a bit to make the plot more effective. You’re not lying exactly, but you are changing a few facts to make the story work.

Once you’ve begun tweaking your storylines, it becomes easier to tell a story that might not be true at all.

A few weeks ago a friend asked my feelings towards a certain subject. Just as I was about to open my mouth, he said, “But really, be honest.” I swallowed my words and really needed to think for a few moments as I’d grown accustomed to merely telling a story I thought fitting. And I recognize this with a lot of my fellow entrepreneurs.

We say we’re doing great even if we don’t feel great at all. We stay optimistic and excited, though our stomachs are churning and we’re on the brink of a panic attack. Some of us become so good at storytelling that we turned into bullshitters. So I’m making it a habit to be more honest.

I still love telling a good story, but I’d rather it was a new and true story than an old and polished one where the facts are a bit distorted. So now tell me honestly, how are YOU doing today?

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Apps of the week


There are a ton of weather apps out there, but the one that often takes the cake for its accuracy is Dark Sky — but that might be about to change soon.


So what do you do when you’re young and looking for something more serious than a fling? Hinge is hoping to answer that question.

Events from Facebook

Facebook is launching an all new app today dedicated solely to events, the creatively named ‘Events from Facebook.’

Red faces of the week

CamSoda offers Ken Bone $100,000 to take us all back to the ‘Bone Zone’

It’s no secret that Ken Bone was the star of the last presidential debate. In the days to follow, Bone has become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. CamSoda wants to extend his 15 minutes by at least an additional 45, all while fattening his bank account at the same time.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few days, Bone is the human embodiment of a hug. His gentle demeanor and timely question surrounding energy use and pollution captivated a nation and now we find ourselves wanting more. CamSoda, an adult entertainment platform for live streaming, knows a thing or two about giving people what they want.

The company sent Bone a letter requesting a 60 minute live stream in exchange for $100,000 cash and 25 disposable cameras. While it’s not setting any restrictions on what the show entails, it’s recommending Bone take us all into the Bone Zone for a glimpse at what he’s all about. Being an adult webcam site, I’m really hoping Bone Zone isn’t a euphemism.

Here’s the full letter.

October 10, 2016

Dear Mr. Kenneth Bone,

I hope this letter finds you well. During last night’s debate you captivated the world with your question about energy, your red pullover and, quite honestly, just you being you. While Donald and Hillary continued to bicker, we were especially distraught that your question didn’t receive the appropriate attention it deserved.

With that being said, I would like to formally extend an offer for you to participate in a live show broadcast from our platform,, to our millions of fans. The show can cater to your specificities but we were thinking you could take us all to the Bone Zone and tell/show us what you’re all about. In return for your participation in a live, hour long broadcast via our site, we will pay you $100,000 and provide you with 25 throw-away cameras to use at your disposal. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to announce that you’re running for President.

And don’t fret, we’re pros with this stuff. is a leading adult entertainment webcam platform and has a fully functioning live streaming cam house where models share their lives with the rest of the world. We recently launched the first ever live-stream virtual reality experience to overwhelming success.

We truly appreciate your consideration of our offer and look forward to the possibility of working together soon. In the interim, please feel free to check out for more details.

Best regards,

Daron Lundreen



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