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Helpful Tips for Filing to the Land Owner Transparency Registry

Filings to the Land Owner Transparency Registry (LOTR) began on November 30, 2020. Below are some helpful tips for completing a filing to LOTR:

  • If you are submitting a new registration for an interest in land and the transferee is a reporting body, you must create a Transparency Declaration first. When you are completing the Transparency Declaration and select Yes to the question: “Is this transferee a reporting body?” a Transparency Report will automatically be created in the LOTR dashboard, nested below the corresponding Transparency Declaration.
  • If an application to register an interest in land includes more than one transferee, all transferees must be included on a single Transparency Declaration.
  • If submitting multiple Form As in the same package, each Form A requires a separate Transparency Declaration ID #. You cannot use a Transparency Declaration ID # more than once.
  • If the wrong Transparency Declaration ID # was associated with a land title package and submitted, the package must be withdrawn and resubmitted with the correct Transparency Declaration ID #. The incorrect Transparency Declaration ID # cannot be used again with another land title package submission.
  • One certifier is required per transferee; the certifier must meet the requirements under s. 25 of the Land Owner Transparency Act.

For step-by-step instructions on how to file to LOTR, please visit Visit for links to legislation and other helpful information.  

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