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is bearing fruit and growing all over the world...
Col 1:5–6
Radek and Laura Kolarikovi Update
Dear friends and family,
end of this year is approaching rather swiftly and we would like to share couple highlights as well as prayer requests with you all. Thank you so much for standing with us in this ministry and for all of your prayers, encouragement and support. 

NEW ARRIVAL - baby Timotej 
God has blessed us in April with fifth addition to our family (third son) Timotej Stepan Kolarik. What a joy :-) 

We also welcomed in April a new missionary family to our church. What an answer to our many prayers. The Moorheads spend six years in Russia and then after a brief break in USA are back on mission field, here with us in Kurim. Huge help, great encouragement for us and the church. Please be praying for them, especially that God will bless their efforts to learn the language. 
We had a church retreat during the summer. Brothers and sisters from other five churches joined us and we had a really encouraging week. Jonathan Moorhead did a phenomenal job teaching on the subject "Apologetics for church". I highly recommend his lectures (they are in english... with Radeks super awesome Czech translation :-) ) You can view them here 
Recently we had an opportunity with Laura to participate in Czech Baptist Youth Conference. It was organized by a solid church in Lovosice and it was a great encouragement. Radek had opportunity to preach twice and for the first time in our life, we were able to teach a seminar together with Laura :-D 
Jarrot (advance class) and Laura (beginners) are rocking the Kurims english sceeen (whatever that means). There is a really good turn out, students are loving it and Jarrot and Laura have opportunity to share with them from the Bible every week. 

You might remember that Laura have thought some 11 years ago at a local high school. Few weeks ago she recognized one of her old students at a FB picture. This old student attended same wedding as one of our church members, who was also his boss (amazing). Laura contacted Daniel (former student) and he showed up last week for English Club, then on Sunday in our church,also at our house for lunch and he might come again this week... and go for lunch to our missionaries family. Please pray for Daniel and his salvation as well as for salvation of those that hear the gospel here in Kurim. 

A new school year started this Septmeber in CBI and we are greatly encouraged by all of the students and teachers there. Laura is enrolled (with another sister from our church) to a Biblical Counseling class while Radek is helping teach Bible Overview class.  
JOB 1.21
"The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD" 
Some eight or nine years ago God has brought to our lives a special church from USA. This church helped us tremendously with summer English camps. They have loved our church, faithfully served our students, prayed for our family and year by year encouraged us in many different ways. Couple years ago, by Gods grace, they also picked us up for financial support. After many years this cooperation came to an end this past August. God has worked greatly thru them, their church and especially thru their missions pastor Sean, which is a dear brother and friend. We would like to ask for your prayers, as this means around 25% decrease in our monthly support.     

Thank you so much and if you do not hear from us again this year, 
than early "Merry Christmas" :-) 
In Christ and for His name,
Radek and Laura Kolarikovi

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