A young woman wrapped in a blanket on her sofa using our counselling service on her tablet.
Dear Miss West,

If someone close to you has died, sometimes personal one-to-one support can be just what you need.

Bereavement counselling can support you throughout the bereavement process, whether your loss is a recent one or some years have passed.

Sue Ryder's Online Bereavement Counselling Service

We're offering a new online bereavement counselling service for members of the Sue Ryder Online Community, which is open to anyone living in the UK and aged 18 and over, and we’d like to invite you to use this service, if you feel it might be helpful. 
Access online bereavement counselling
This is a completely free and confidential service. Your six sessions are held over secure, reliable and confidential video chat – through your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone – meaning that you can attend from the comfort and safety of your own home. Find out how to access this service.

You can learn how to arrange your initial assessment (including, firstly, how to join our Online Community) and read answers to frequently asked questions about this service on our website.

If you personally don’t have a need for counselling, please feel free to mention it to loved ones who might benefit instead. My team and I want to help as many people as possible.

Best wishes,
Bereavement counsellor Louise Teal

Louise Teal

Bereavement Counsellor
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