3-30    DJ K-1 dj set @Moog, Barcelona
4-1      AUX 88 Black Tokyo  @Suicide Circus, Berlin
4-2      AUX 88 Twisted Pepper Club Dublin
4-8      AUX 88 Black Tokyo Korter Klubi   Tallinn Estonia
4-13    DJ K-1 and TomTom dj sets @Tresor Berlin
4-15    AUX 88 Black Tokyo  Klubbers Day, Tresor Stage  Madrid Spain

4-30    AUX 88 Red Bull Music Academy Workshop Athens Greece 
5-13    AUX 88 Black Tokyo Paris France
5-14    AUX 88 Black Tokyo Gijon Spain
5-29    AUX 88 Black Tokyo / Techno Bass Anniversay Show 2011 Paxahau Movement Festival Detroit Michigan

Phase 2::::: Coming Soon Booking Info Listed Below

Out  Now

New Aux 88 Remix for Ellen Allien............available now!                  

Ellen_Allien/track/Ever The Track 'Ever (Aux 88 'Black Tokyo Remix')' by Ellen Allien remixed by Aux 88 released with the Compilation 'Dust Remixes' (BPitch Control) is available as high quality MP3 download.Buy it now:
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Ever (Aux 88 'Black Tokyo Remix') by Ellen Allien remixed by Aux 88 (BPitch Control)

HELIOPAUSE - New project from Aux 88 and Dynamik Bass System with an epic four tracker that gravitates towards the sphere of Techno Bass, just like the planetary rings of meteorite around Saturn!

Limited Colored Vinyl exclusively available at
Digital Download available at Digital download soon to iTunes, Beatport ect. So get your copy today.
View Video Here

See PRobotmachine Records                                  
Robotmachine Records founded in 2010 by Dynamik Bass System. Dynamik Bass System is known as a electro funk band with numerous releases on top labels.


The Aux 88 Presents Black Tokyo Cd
 Back In Stock on the Official Website In May

Aux 88’s new album not only progresses on their previous Mad Scientist full length CD, but also innovates as they go even further in new ways of expressing new concepts and ideas with tracks like Tokyo Telacom and Kyoto Station which is Aux 88 conceptual homage to the beautiful Japanese culture. The group has been growing tremendously with their music over the past few years as they continue to carve a path for their craft to shine and their vision too inspire. This new CD shows exactly how far their imagination can reach, and just how perfectly they can manifest it into their refined style of music. 

MAD SCIENTIST - AUX 88   PBX14CD        Available again In May


The simbiant beings Tucker and Hamilton known as AUX 88 have been re-assimilated into a dark sibiant species of technological voice and mind. They are Exterestrial Time travelers re-programmed by centuries of interstellar flight in the Aux quadrant. Aux 88 returns to earth originally known as dimension E now something very different In form and intellect. This electronically synthesized enduced state has shifting the duo back  to dimension e  to wreak havoc in the electronic  under world.
This new function mode Mad Scientist, has been set to a temporary mode in earth time. Witness the conversion of Aux 88 to ...

Limited Edition Poster    Coming Back In May 


Up Coming Releases


AUX 88 presents Black Tokyo Remix SESSIONS 1     PBX-18

The Black Tokyo Project cd has been very Successful for the enigmatic Duo from Detroit along with their two new Japanese members Ice truck and Erika. Remix Sessions 1 embodies some of techno music hottest and charismatic artist such as bpitch control Ellen Allien, Planet E's keyboard guru Niko Marks from Detroit and Canada live impresario Arthur Oskan.  Ellen Allien remix Real to Reel gives a tight minimal beat driven retake On an Aux 88 funky groove. Rounding out side A Aux 88 original previously only available on the full length  cd. Side B shows why Niko Marks can take the "Title Track Black Tokyo in a more kraftwerken sort of way with heavy beautiful strings and funkified groove. Soul of Black shows Arthur Oskan dance production skills as he delivers a bonafide minimal bass driven delight. Pick up these limited edition pressings’ now.


 A1. Real To Reel – Ellen Allien  5:57
 A2. Real To Reel – Aux 88 (Original Mix) 5:17
 B1. Black Tokyo – Niko Marks Remix 5:25
 B2. Soul Of Black – Arthur Oskan Beat Remix  6:34

Distributed exclusevely Through Diamonds And Pearls Germany

 Original Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo Cd Pbx-17cd  Back In Stock in May Click Here


Aux 88 Mad Scientist Volume 2 Marks the dark side of the Scientist.      PBX-19
Fans have been asking for Vinyl and Aux 88 and Puzzlebox records deliver. Gosub and Mr Velcro Fastener pump the song Exsterterestrial Time Travelers
With new surgeon like precision with Aux 88's great vocalization over the top to give the Electro world more of what only Aux 88 can bring on a dance floor.
Side B is the first of 2 ongoing collaborations with The Dynamik bass system giving Aux 88 even more Bass. Last is one of Aux 88 Croatian brothers Nter from the crobot crew. Taking on Time portal Nter gives his mix a electro funk style mix showing why the crobots have soul..

A1. Exsterterestrial Time Travelers – Gosub Remix  6:22
 A2. Exsterterestrial Time Travelers – Mr. Velcro Fastener Remix  7:26
 B1. Electronic Robots – Dynamik Bass System  5:32
 B2. Time Portal – Nter (Crobot Crew Remix) 4:14

Distributed exclusevely Through Diamonds And Pearls Germany

 Original Aux Mad Scientist Cd Back In Stock in May Click Here



AUX 88 presents Black Tokyo Remix SESSIONS 2           PBX-20

Black Tokyo SESSIONS 2 leads off with legendary other half of LFO Gez Varley the G-Mann remixes The Aux 88 classic Shadow Dancing . G-Mann mix is
a certified club banger with nonstop effects over the pulsating basic channel type string layered with those ohhhh so beautiful Detroit strings.
Track 2 side A gives us a taste of Japan via Andrez Bergan. He gives us electronic underground. His beats add a more glitchy minimal style to aux 88 familiar electro side. Side two Electronic Cinema Remix and original mix Scotland’s own Arne Weinberg gives us a taste of his moody side mix which is Very hi classed cafe style mix. Aux 88 gives its fans yet another treat the original mix previously not available on vinyl


A1. Shadow Dancing – Gez Varley G-Man Remix 7:33
 A2. Electronic Underground – Andrez Bergen Remix 5:46
 B1. Electronic Cinema – Arne Weinberg Remix 5:25
 B2. Electronic Cinema – Aux 88 (Original Mix)  5:03


Distributed exclusevely Through Diamonds And Pearls Germany

Original Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo Pbx-17cd Back In Stock in May Click Here



Aux 88 Mad Scientist Volume. 3                                      PBX-21

This is Electronic Funk at its best starting out With Detroit In Effect mix
Of a Annihilating the Rythym. This is a true gift for all electro fans you
get the two funkiest groups in Detroit giving up nothing but the funk with the remix of Annihilating the Rythym and the original by Aux 88.
Side 2 Mr Velcro Fastener taking Aux 88's vision on the Track Interstellar Fligh Theme to a more celestial electro style. Track 2 b side has yet another Aux 88 Croatian brother Dj Xed re programming control panels in another steam punk electro inspired robot world....Don’t miss these Aux 88 masterpieces reworked by the hottest producers around.


 A1. Annihilating the Rythym – Detroit In Effect Remix  5:17
 A2. Annihilating the Rythym – Aux 88 Original Remix 4:58
 B1. Interstellar Time Travel Theme – Mr. Velcro Fastener Remix 6:24
 B2. Control Panels – Dj Xed (Crobot Crew Remix) 5:42

Distributed exclusevely Through Diamonds And Pearls Germany

Original Aux Mad Scientist Cd Pbx-14cd Back In Stock in May Click Here



::::Front Logo And Label Name
::::Back   Label Moniker  "A Label Consisting Of Precise Pieces fused together to form unlimited possibilities"
Aux 88 Mad Scientist T-Shirt New Design in various Colors

Detroit "Where Music Has Unlimited Boundaries"


                                                                                                                  Aux 88 New Logo on Vintage Direct Beat Record Label Colors

Even more special designs coming soon

Aux 88 In The Studio Remixes Just Completed

Real Funk Dont Die - Niko Marks    (Aux 88 3 Special Remixes)

G-Man aka Gez Varley - (Aux 88 Special Mekanik Mix)

Black Nova - Gosub (Aux 88 Remix)

Nter Crobot Crew - (Aux 88 Remix)

Visitor - AS1  (Aux 88 We are not alone Mix)






Thank You
Puzzlebox Records

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